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Yes. It's been a minute and liana. Essien taylor both color. And how mazing would that be. But i feel like. I don't know because i feel like liana. Photos are so perfect however since house story for me like the fact that you are a preacher you in a gang. And you've got the who airing. If i don't know oh i don't know how have we ever had a and both with the money. There was a tie once. But then laurel of voted for wendell. I i don't know i. So here's the thing. I'm gonna go with shantallow because she closer to my age and i feel like you know what our winning season and i'm on the road for better bryce and i feel like Just hearing her bio story. Why not be on the road to better you where you started. Does it mean where you ended. However you can still be pippi longstocking new airing okay. Instill tie a lawless not on a bathing suit and still myo look so pretty. Your photo looked though it but at the same time if fear strongness okay mile though fingers crossed. That's who i guess. I'm going to give us a look honestly. I loved everything. One genie the machinery. I won't be the property machine. Pulled out a came out in one. Okay wow surprise appearance prize. All right to sean tell for winning season. Forty one a survivor. great job. Bryce we did it of my god. He's still look with is wonderful. I was nervous excited Yeah they're also great and that's the thing that you'll like is the difficult part of the look as that. I wanna love them. All i can relate every single one of them And i am rooting for every single. One of them So that it gives me so hard. But i do go with my initial reaction to the photos and what i get from tho yay. I'm excited at at at this point if the look has dropped bring on the season. We're we're ready wednesday night. I'll guy yeah. where are you going to be. Bryce you now wednesday night. I'm gonna be in new york at the bright and went present. The return are thought out event of our watch party in new york and anyone that had to take it. I'm so excited and grateful for you. We with the bear You know we got some surprises for you guys. So yes i will is.

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