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The ird line at four two in seven then shuttle a time square and the once you in three train police recall to a reporter the explosion responding units fallon injured 27yearold male we've identified him as hi ed la paix k hey why he the you l l h he had granted moons through his body preliminary investigation at the scene indicates this mail was wearing an improvised motech explosive device attached to his body paint temporarily detonated that device looks like there are three other people in the immediate perry all sustained minor injuries but got grows going to talk about that the subject was placed in custody and transported to bellevue hospital immediate greece response to the scene included members of the transit bureau emergency service division bomb squad counterterrorism empty a police state troopers can yet be ice joint terrorist task force in addition the nypd strategic response group accurate this god's command her signed two other key transportation hubs and other locations throughout the city as precautionary measure means the'sensitive was captured on transit since the video a further review an interview witnesses underway a thorough background investigation into i k ed la being conducted by the joint terrorist task force we're are asking anyone who may have any information about this individual for incident equality tara hotline nats payday and why seen say are you heard from bill bratton comrade mayor de blasio of new york james o'neill new york city police commissioner and also saying the port authority bomber who he is identifying him there is some background on this there uh the destroy trump media insists that today's attack in new york city in the subway system was carried out by a lone wolf and no coordination how they kid jump to these conclusions so fast as always interesting to me two weeks ago we know that isis issued a direct threat to.

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