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Of this conversation. And then it's about you know a racing or eliminating or shaking off all those assumptions because look you know we all have biases and Because we have a brain and that is a known fact. You can google it anywhere. You know unconscious bias. It's really about how can i uncover those biases. So that i'm really having an authentic and clean relation conversation and relationship with somebody. And so. If i can do those two things before i walk into the cell and then i'm able to share what i'm thinking what i'm experiences in a way that is does not have emotion attached to it and then being able to really listen to what they hear the other person's point of view because a lot of times i said earlier we may not have a difference is that we're using different words And that gets misinterpreted. Because if i get a reaction to a word that you use You know you. And i were talking earlier People ask me if i say you training and soft skills and i just absolutely go bananas over that because i do not it completely values what i do for a living and i say to people that what i do for a living. Is i teach you the necessary skills and give you the experience of those necessary skills to complementary technical skills and that as a result of the pandemic which i really thought was a situation and most of us did that was only gonna last about nine to ten weeks. This pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate ourselves has I've been talking to colleagues and some of my clients about how people have figured out that they need to balance their lives different. What's important to them now. Like what's their real true. Passions and as a result of that and as companies are opening back up and inviting Their employees and their associates to come back in to the level that they feel comfortable was they have learned although zoom and some of these other tools have been helpful and people being connected people not so connected they felt isolated and.

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