Competitive Enterprise Institute's John Berlau on George Washington


And we're excited today to have John burlock here with competitive enterprise institute to talk about our first president. George Washington. But we're going to do it from a little bit different perspective today. John has a great perspective on this. He's wrote a book called George Washington entrepreneur how our founding fathers, private business pursuits changed America and the world. John, welcome to the Doug Collins podcast. Thanks, dad. Congressman Collins, so good to have so good to be on. Let's go be fun. You know, look, someone's just talked about our founding fathers today. It's amazing to me how people, you know, no matter what their educational background, you know, their throw up the founding fathers is the founding fathers were this, and I believe the founding fathers were that. There's so much mistake and everything about it. I mean, I have a pastoral background. I have a religious degree. I also have a law degree. You know, it's amazing to me how sometimes today we talk about the founding fathers as if they were all pastors. Well, they were not all pastors. You know, they were, you know, they were not all lawyers. They were just a lot of common people. But George Washington, being our first president, being the leader, a lot of myths, a lot of things growing up, a lot of truisms, but also one of the things that I think your book addresses that I want to talk about with you today is he was actually a very bright guy with me. He really was. He wasn't formally educated past the age of 13, but he, because his father died when he was 11, and he was family couldn't afford to send him to college, plus he had to take care of the family. Take care of the farm, but he both learned from people. We always ask questions and he read quite a bit. He read everything from books on agriculture from Great Britain to Adam Smith's wealth of nations, which was the first book to lay out the theories of capitalism as opposed to the mercantilism that were practicing in Great Britain. So he was a very educated, well read guy, despite the lack of formal schooling.

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