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Sports update here's Darwin's, book Sports play, right read jab we'll get to those calls. Football scores in a moment but first that big trade in the. NFL to tell you about it's yet to be finalized but Khalil Mack defensive player of the year two thousand sixteen appears to be saying so long to the raiders. There is reportedly in agreement in place that was said MAC. To the Chicago Bears the bears expected, to send two first round picks back, to Oakland in the deal now. The top twenty five calls football action games in progress lot of blowouts, Ohio State, of forty two to seven lead. On Oregon state four minutes to go until halftime. And as as rich was talking, about, Oklahoma all over Florida Atlantic, forty two zip four minutes to go until halftime there also four. Minutes remaining in, the second quarter TCU all over southern thirty eight seven Maryland as a twenty. Four seven lead on Texas with eight minutes remaining in, the second quarter Clemson blanking ferment twenty to nothing with three minutes to, go in the first half there tonight a big. One in south Ben number twelve Notre Dame hosting fourteen th. Ranked Michigan wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh feel good about it feel good, about renewing the rivalry feel, good about being a game week feel good. About starting the season number one Alabama they're always feeling good and. There'll be an action later on opening their season against Louisville in Orlando Florida Bama head coach Nick Sabin says both is star QB's will play so the diamond we. Go no games underway as of yet but a trade to. Tell you about the Indians have acquired, former all star third baseman Josh Donaldson, from the Blue Jays in exchange. For a player to be named later in tennis sat the US open, round of, thirty two action on the women's. Side Serena Williams easily defeated her sister Venus in. Straight-sets last night fourth seat Angelique, Kerber, about to be an action, coming up this afternoon Maria Sharapova will play this evening and all. The men's side, second seed Roger Federer taken the court shortly and tonight it'll be Novak Djokovic. Squaring off with Richard Gasquet Name the golf second round of the Dell technologies championship in Boston tyrel. Hatton fired a sixty three in his second round he's at, ten under, tied atop the leaderboard with Justin Rose advertiser woods he's just. Underway playing his front nine he's at one over I'm Zuck. We've got, a new channel on Sirius XM. Listen to CBS sports radio on Sirius XM two oh six When..

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