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Deep sleep Remm sleep from what we know in a lot of this is very new science, right? A lot more about memory consolidation. Right. That that's actually when your brain is playing things, you know, at three x speed to help you remember them by repetition. How we know it's happening at three X. So that's by looking at just FM, our eyes and various other EEG type equipment. There's even some new work being done and one of the things that they're showing is if you can actually implant a thought during the early phases of sleep, actually, you can almost potentially trick your brain to work on it during REM sleep on tell me more. What do you mean? How do you implant the idea there? This is very very experimental. So I think the idea is, hey, can you actually bring a thought either through a visualization through an audience or you go to bed you're saying there was immediate minutes while you're falling asleep. Yeah. Sort of like inception. It's starting to get pretty nuts out there. Okay. So. Finish up because this is so interesting. So what have they done in the studies like what necessarily owns on? Is it someone saying something to this is super experimental like nothing yet? They just had a conference all about this like, basically, helping people dream and have certain thoughts during REM sleep that can help them solve problems in their lives. So some really cool work. But yeah. I wish I wish I knew more. But it's literally happening as we speak. But getting back to sort of why these things are happening, and what you know. So deep sleep your physical body being restored. Right Ramsey thinking about your mind and.

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