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For iraq you motley fool the only the only caveat i might mention with like our plan where we go right to a bank is so a lot of firm a lot of companies will hire a financial adviser because they're in this case i think the do l does apply where you you are a fiduciary as the planet minister and so you need some you know figurehead to represent the fiduciary standard in administering the plan and most people just outsource it to financial advisers and so if they went direct to a bank they might not have a team of fiduciaries available they might they might not but just something to be aware of in terms of why but yeah and then i think i would just make a plug for the fact that you did an awesome job and i want to make a baby with you that we can then name after you but i think more broadly what i we all i think more broadly what i would say is that you know we are broken i are are some of the largest advocate for index funds i use index funds but i also pick my own stocks like i think i can outperform the market and have in some cases and so it's it's not i think there's a tendency to think it's a zero sum game or mutually exclusive in that if you have index funds that's all you should have and people are becoming almost over zealous about it but having both options is fine like that's good job but really keep up the great work yeah totally brian and all the babies to nine months named brian i and our next question comes off of the twitter's it comes from solely what or maybe just silly what silly what i hear oh i get it solely what i hear okay you said that it's good to have your mortgage paid off in retirement will but what about your working years even the motley fool likes companies with little to no debt debt free stressfree thoughts well.

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