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Thanks for pressing play. This is Christopher lockhead failure different. And we're an award winning podcast and some people call us an odd cast for people who value real different conversations about how to build a legendary business and a legendary life on this episode billionaire. Tom Golisano he's the founder of thirty billion dollar market CAP paychecks. And you're gonNA love this guy. He's got a new book out a smoke. A new book that I really enjoyed reading built not born. A self made billionaires no-nonsense guide for entrepreneurs and we dig into the book. He shares his insights on a ton of stuff. Including when and why you should build. You should start a company how to build a long term successful business and we get a little bit personal. It turns out that Tom is married to tennis. Legend Monica Celis and she won eight Grand Slams and at the age of sixteen. Monica became the youngest ever to win the French. Open so he tells us a little bit about that. We also talked philanthropy investment strategy and what Tom Learned by owning and turning around. Nhl Hockey team the Buffalo Sabres and when it came time for Tom to sell the team why he sold them for sixty million dollars less than he could have pay special attention to Tom's message for us. Senator Elizabeth Warren As I'm sure you know we are in an election season here in the United States and NAM. Tom has some thoughts for her. This is a legendary episode for more on Tom. His book go to Lockhead L. O. C. H. age EA D. DOT COM and. Check out the show notes for this episode. Now what do companies like ring hint into Kovas have in common? They all use my friends at Oracle Nets we'd to accelerate their growth successful companies founders.

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