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Street into the path of his car suffered Hanjour head injuries went up over the, the hood of his Chevy irt gets out to help the child. At that point. The boy's father Jamal killings comes out and put a beat down on Jamie Jamie, certain gets back tries to get back into his vehicle, and at that point, he was shot and jurors right now, trying to decide if it was Deontay Baber, the guy seen in a pretty grainy security video firing into the car or it was the boys. Dad. Jamal killings, Mike Allen's on the show on seven hundred wwl, w our legal expert, of course, does nine to eleven Saturday morning, Saturday midday and of course, private practice. Former Hamill county. Prosecutor Mike first of offers and foremost, two years, since this happened, it seems like a rather lengthy delay before the start of the trial wrong about them. No. Not. Really? But I took him about six months to get Baber, apparently he was hiding out over Covington. So it took them awhile to get there. I mean to get him. Yeah. That is a little bit long, but really not that much out of the ordinary one city, rallies Justice for Jamie earner anything like that. Because, you know, the, the trial was delayed, two years, I'm surprised. But anyway. The interesting part about that is we see the video, it looks like there's a truck that's heading in the opposite direction bigger truck. And the four year old is four year olds often do had no idea that the, the traffic's dangerous and I ran out in the street, I guess, maybe after dad was walking away and the boy ran out behind the truck and dirt was coming the other way. And there's no way he could have seen the boy running because the truck blocked his view that that's what the video shows. But you really can't see who the shooter is. That's the problem. It is. And it is a cool irony that Mr. apparently was not at fault whatsoever. In striking the boy, it's just a horrible case. So many ways around because things that were not supposed to happen happen. I mean, Mr. gets out of the car, it doesn't he does the right thing instead of just driving away in a somewhat questionable neighborhood and beaten and killed for his trouble. So it's just a sad, Ghaith always around Mike gallant, if I'm driving through the hood or any area for that matter and strike, and I hit someone and I go, I drive away is that a reasonable defensive stop later a call. The police and say, look, I think I hit somebody, but didn't wanna stop because of what happened to Jamie, earn am I going to be cited for hit, and run, or is that something the prosecutor or the police will look at and go, yeah. That makes a lot of sense. Is this case a license where people to hit skip? It's a top up call on that once slow it really is. I mean this was during the daytime as I understand it. And you know it's. And I drive that area. Sometimes going up to the grog clear up. They're crazy. Well, it's not that bad. I mean it's not great. But it's not that bad. It's that's a tough call to make as a prosecutor but I don't know. I mean, I just think if a or year old little boy, run rate and you strike them. Whether it's your fault or not. I don't care where you are. You get out to help them, but, but I do understand the argument on the other side too. I just think decent people with, which obviously, Mr. get out, and see if they, here's the problem, it's not whether people are decent. It's, it's there's people out there like Baber and killings. That make me question whether or not it makes sense doing the right thing. Sometimes is the wrong thing. And that's I'm sure that Jamie curtain could if he knew it was his fate, probably would've continued, his covert givens, that do, don't get out of the car keepdriving. We'll call it. We'll call the police, right? And it's a tough call. You can argue it either way. But I think Mr. did the right thing, and he lighted, we didn't need. That's a hell of a price to pay for doing the right thing. And that's why there's a convention in this kid. I mean, it's got to be the maximum sentence, which my guess is that it will be because it's just inexcusable and it's a terrible tragedy. So many ways designer stand at the little boy is okay. That that's another cruel irony to this whole thing. And I guess, I feel for the father, not in his actions, but the scene his, his child lay there fighting for life with a head injury, which I'm sure he was unconscious time in being anger in district and taking that anger and not saying, oh my God. I maybe taught the kid better shit round traffic on my God, I should've locked them up, put them in put them in the house, or something like that. But, but instead that anger boiled over to Jamie Cureton at some I was his fall, without even finding the facts and flying, too quick to a conclusion as to what really happened. Yeah. You can't take the long to your own hands, though. The guy presumably. His car and help, I don't think it takes that much intelligence to understand that this may of the child's fault for no question. And you don't start whipping up on somebody even while I understand the man's, I guess anger. That's just not the way it works in an order side. But but to me, Mike Allen of the psychopath here. The true psychopath, seems to be Dante Baber because killings testified last week, the data the boy, testified said, I've never seen this guy, my life Baber comes out in empties a handgun into the car of Jamie, earn one of the round. Struck him in the fine. He bled out died on the way to the hospital. I believe is how Jim died because because Dante barber just simply opened fire in the sky. Yeah. Exactly. And you know, it's like you said, I haven't seen any protests down at the courthouse. Believer in supporting liquor hurt. And you know, this could have been blown out of proportion as a racial incident as so many of these situations when the when the roles if you will are reversed. So I think the Baber is just beyond contempt, and we'll see what the jury does, and then we'll see what the judge does do you think there's a racial component evidence whatsoever. Mike Allen, that you believe that there's a racial component of us, no evidence that I've seen, but I'm just going to say it's a feeling that I have. But again, no evidence of that. Mike gallons on the acute hearing centers dot com hotline this morning on seven hundred WW two of the Baber trial, the jury's out, I should say the trial, but the jury still deliberating. We'll see if we get a verdict anytime, soon the other element in this to Mike Allen. Is that what Jamal killings now? This is the dead we they believe that Dante Baber shooter. They have two witnesses against Baber, right? Yeah. They do. And not only that he was picked out of a photo lineup by Baber, and I guess, somebody a neighbor supposedly the other thing is a lot of it circles around this is video, which is grain and not really all that good. However, it, it depends on the description of this guy in a Facebook Boto from, I guess the day that Mr. died showed the abor wearing a blue and orange shirt, which is supposedly, you know what the, the shooter was wearing. So the jury, I think, has enough before them to convict him. On the other hand, you know, wouldn't surprise me all that much if they did. They got a tough job and whatever decision they make you have to respect surprised. It's taken this long to come to a verdict. Not really. Got the case Friday. I don't know if they delivered deliberated on Friday, but see people are really under a misapprehension slowly that, you know, if a verdict doesn't come out in a day or half that, you know, the jury's deadlocked and that's not always the case. I mean jurors for the most part, take their job seriously. And they're gonna look at every bit of evidence they should. And in this case that sounds like they are every bit of evidence if they have questions, you know, the judge won't answer the question if he feels appropriate so you know, they're they're not at all. I it seems just because it's probably more of the TV drama, our TV cop show, but, you know, you've got you've got video clearly, you clearly have a body, you got video. And then you have two people who were there at the scene who identified Deontay Baber is the shooter that seems pretty open and shut like you should have a verdict in about five minutes. I don't know about opening shot. I mean, I think they have something to talk about and represented by very competent defense counsel. And you know, my guess is the jury is just doing their job. I mean, the first thing they do when they get back there, they have to elect a four person that person kinda runs the deliberations, and they're probably going through it now. You know, later today, there may be verdict, but it's, it's not always like you said like it on TV and you get a verdict in twenty minutes, sometimes, and I mean, let's face it to just electing a jury foreperson because, you know, you have the popular vote and it goes the electoral college. Then then you've got the Russia's flu. You got that and there's over the Russian in the room and then, you know, you've got I don't know the issue, a hanging chads or maybe there's some sort of some sort of manipulation, I, I don't know anyway. I've never been on a jury that ever invited me. Mike, Mike Allen, this morning at seven hundred w w the Dante Baber jury out for a second. Well, I guess let's see a Friday. They got it Friday, Monday, two days, I think the more interesting case is going to be the dad Jamal killings. Yeah, it seems open and shut for Deontay Baber, and he's looking at what by the way, baby is gonna get if convicted twenty five I think it's thirty two mistake, and, and I was thinking, too with Jamal killings, and I guess it's gotta be some kind of accomplice theory or something. But the wall, the law permits that if you are present when an act like this happens in your actions were kind of predicate of the ultimate act, which, of course, is the murder of Jane Yarden. Right. You can be charged with the actual fence. Now, you know, I think that one might be a little bit tough to get by jury. But you never know. And, you know, there may be plea negotiations who knows. You know, the prosecutor may have struck a deal with a something less. Manslaughter something like that..

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