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I've been considering getting that we should get. We should we should get those hang on the wall here should to this excellent idea. Just so that we're divine doctors. Yeah. Let's do it. Yeah. So anyway, so yeah. The easy work around. You get online you pay a little fee bought a lot do it. But the problem is still that you're working under this bullshit low law that is it is unfair. It's it is violation of of the first amendment. Absolutely. And so yeah. So if they actually succeed in getting the Texas law declared unconstitutional, the lawsuit seeks a federal court order allowing center for inquiry trained, secular celebrants to celebrate arm sorry to perform weddings in Texas. Great. They should do that for. I mean, I'm sure they're looking into a national sort of thing because it's it's ridiculous. Yeah. It's like, I think they're I mean, they're this is federal court. Yeah. So if they do the supreme court, then it would I ever everywhere. It is. So funny liked. Why do why do we care about? Who performs a marriage? What do we care about performing of a so of a marriage at all there are Sates Colorado, for instance, where Andrea I got married. You can just sign the paperwork, and then you're married, right? You don't need an efficient. Right. Why would it's it's ridiculous. It is a legal arrangement. Yeah. Why should I need someone to officiate that right? But most places need it. Right. It's just about the the institutionalization of of religion religion. Yeah. That that. That's all it is period. Yeah. Plain and simple. Well, I'll tell you. I've got an update to speaking of atheists performing marriages got an update to a case that we talked about a while back. I don't remember when I didn't bother to look it up. But you'll recall that there was a an a United church minister in Canada who she came out as not not believing in God. She is an atheist. But she's been a minister in the United church. For you know, how ever long and does not want to give up that job. Let's job to good job. She's you know, she's paid her do. Why should she have to give up her job preaching the gospel teaching about Jesus just because she doesn't believe it, even Jesus. So interestingly, she there was a lawsuit that was going forward to try and defrock her. This is Reverend Greta Vosper lawsuit to defraud her. Okay. Basically or she was trying to stay in. And they were trying to not keep her in and oddly. It's over. What do you mean? They settled she's staying house. Okay. She wants to establish a congregation where she doesn't talk about God. Okay. Where it's not about that. And it looks like she's going to have the opportunity to do that interesting. Yeah. She was ordained all the way back in ninety three. She's sixty years old now and is served as a minister since ninety seven. A pistol. Yeah. She like most of her current, congress are apparently supportive of her views, but some have been critical. Here's what's interesting ginger. Yeah. Yeah. But I'll bet this could happen. I'll bet this could happen all over the world. I'll bet you anything that you go into any sort of non explosive type church like not I'm not talking about your your knee or evangelical Christians who were like screaming and hollering all the time about Jesus. Okay. I'm talking about your your mellowed church. You know what I mean? Okay. I'll bet I'll bet in congregations all over the world. If you said if the pastor got up and said, you know, what I believe in so much of the things that I've been talking about I believe in love of your fellow, man. I believe in treating each other, right? Believe in all of these things. But I don't believe in. God. I don't believe that. There's anyone magic watching over his abet. They could keep a significant portion of their congregants because most of us most of them don't like their day haven't been thinking about it. And they'd have to go through some like, they get rock and roll for a minute. But I think a lot of people go to church just because you're supposed to go to church, and you're just chilling..

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