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Shawn watson. Anau didn't see this one common but there is apparently a ton of smoke with charles robinson of yahoo given out a thread on saturday. Getting ready for my bar mitzvah my kids bar mitzvah at home and all my low. What's sources tell ya who sports a dolphins have emerged as the front runner and trade discussions for shawn watson the texans or seeking get this three first round picks and two second-round picks negotiations according to a team that dropped out of the talks robinson also said the next tweet that the panthers broncos and eagles were some element of trade consideration. But watson's contractual right to approve. The trade destination sign off on by houston ownership and his last extensions heavily and trade opportunities last being that teams have angled for pick protections in any trade to mitigate a potential is i and this is wild. I've never seen anything like this. For potential nfl suspension or criminal prosecution tied to ongoing investigations by the fbi harris county prosecutions houston pd into sexual assault allegations from multiple women. How about that for a trade high wire. Act now then. Y'all know how i feel about to a tongue. Follow i like them. I like them a lot. I liked him college. I understand why so. Many teams did like him. I understand why he got shot. Last year in the ryan fitzpatrick was performing well. And i understand how he struggled and sometimes needed fits magic to be pulled out of the hat like a rabbit by the dolphin staff to clean up on the mess on. I'll to in december. I get it. I understand how to as saying you know he. He's more prepared this year. He understands a lot more. He's getting it a lot more. And i saw what i saw on. Preseason i understand it's just preseason i for the life of me have no idea how the miami dolphins could pull off a trade for deshaun watson and cough up any of this for the shawn watson without knowing one hundred percent for sure that there is no there there involving whatever's going on with the shawn watson in houston and that there's no other there there who the hell thought this was going on with the shawn watson to begin with. I mean you're seeing in all walks of life when somebody is under the microscope for anything even if they're saying something silly on a podcast about eight years ago and they've got the crown jewel of television jobs placed in front of them and then they lose a job and you're wondering is there anything else there when there's something there you gotta wonder if there's something else there and you might be buttoned up on all this stuff but the who the hell knows that this is going on with the shawn watson so this has gotta be in my mind. If i'm stephen ross. And i understand my name's not all over our alma mater campus. Like he is for business decisions. If i'm stephen ross. I'm like okay. What are we doing here. We drafted this kid fifth overall last year. Now we're trading aware we're gonna let him think or know that he's out before week one and then we play him until we find out then then we'll find out what's going on so then what then it's jacoby percents job to take us home this year if watson now we've lose them for six games oh okay. So we don't give up the to and now becomes a for the one that we give up now becomes. What a two or three. Is that how it works. Like what why would you do something like that on the eve of a season. Odd watson's as great talent is there is an as a matter of fact your wondering like is it entirely possible on. That's part of the reason. Why we're having peter king on a second According to The miami herald i. I don't watch local miami television drew. Rosenhaus doesn't represent watson but as the article Here written by two members of the staff said call him. Well informed. I would say so. I said the guys plugged in quote. I wouldn't be surprised to see shawn watson with the miami dolphins for the first game of the regular season. The dolphins are absolutely working on this deal with the texans. there are obviously holdups with compensation. I do think there's a legitimate possibility. Dolphins will acquire one of the best players in the nfl into shawn watson which he is when nothing else is in consideration. If he can clear those legal hurdles. That's that's a large. If isn't it they give. The dolphins have a franchise quarterback for the first time since dan marino quote unquote. That's from somebody who knows the area well and has been around the football scene in miami forever and a day. And i just i don't for the life of me understand it at all. I totally get swapping out to a for shawn watson. All things being equal you know. And we saw you know rosen swapped out for murray kinda works and i know that might apples and oranges. But we're we're it's just a different pew in the same church. Quite frankly and you know i i'm i'm i'm totally understanding the football aspect of it but there are so many you can't even say moving parts you can't even call it a fluid situation. It's it's it's awful. What is been alleged here and have no idea how many more could be there. And this has gotta beat buttoned up and done and we have know from the nfl what they're going to do and we have to know from the prosecution in harris county what they're planning to do and the houston police department. What they have in a police report. And i need to know every last thing before i'm trading a single thing away at the eve of a season that set up for two with his college teammate. Jalen waddell i know will fuller's on the staff there in receiving position essentially because he into shawn watson connect very well. Certainly if the sean has the ability to approve trade to their spot devante parker preston williams you keen grant albert wilson's working his way back is there is there one person who's even remotely not rabbit road runner fast on that receiving core. They're set up to be fast and quick and yet the shawn watson would fix that. But i was stunned to hear something like that. Unless we're going to hear right on like it's one goes with the other trade is and he's now settled and now they'll be questions as to what's been settled and you know as we all know there have been tons of players who have played under those circumstances and have been very successful and if they're still all that if like in that statement.

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