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They're hitting back to the train desk all andrew. Earlier you had sent out for something to one of your context contacts one. Polonia land bill Accuracy scholar in south point. A courier approaches you With a package. Yeah you see the show Got like short hair and low quarrier overalls. They're like fifteen or sixteen and say package for you. Andrew asked me andrew wheel and look at. It looks like millie. Wow wow you're you're back. You're back in class fire. I thought you were like dead. Or something. I wasn't i was never dead. I poll now. Technically what's crazies disappeared on that train. Yeah never came back. yeah. I ate a banana. And then they They are like wow that costs a lot of money. So i guess you should work for us now and then they were like. You don't have to work for us anymore. But i don't know what to do. How did the banana good. Honestly it was worth it. that's crazy. Yeah everybody just everybody tells stories about you like like like you're going to come back ghost or something dislike again either. You're dead or like you're a monster that's gonna come back. I guess i just did disappear. Yeah are you still there. Could you tell them that. I'm not dead. No no i i. I've got some gainful employment now. Yeah that's awesome. That's so cool jenny's as jenny. I miss everyone. Yes nice there. I mean it wasn't. Yeah no it wasn't but i dunno. I miss everyone small world. I guess yeah package. Yeah thank you got more deliveries to make for this but Barking fair is is a are you. Oh yeah yeah i just. I could run around the same as i used to this time. I'm like giving people thinks that are taking. Yeah that's good. I'm glad it worked out and it worked out for you to mind ball into weird. Weird million hukou. You got your package. You open up the package and that's where we'll pick up next. Time is now arriving wings. Allow all passengers exit train. Four boarding this has been on a train. Replayed ghost lines and rpg written and designed by john harbor. All of our music by sebastian black are cover arteries by yoshiko aggressor. You're liable for this trip angela. Anderson badge name done bill played by me. Hannah bash named clobbered. Play by me steph pip. Mceal badge name mikhael played by guy. And i have been your conductor greg evening questions about the pride of dusk wa or additions to suggest the train please. Email them to ghost train pod at or contact us on twitter at ghosts underscore train al-f candidates. Bring them to the line bowls. Thank you for writing with us. Send please consider traveling with us again next.

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