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And you can do it Hillsdale College as a service to our nation as free online courses that provide a taste of the core curriculum that every Hillsdale College student takes the core that teaches how to think critically enact virtuously, and he can help us to getting started is simple. Just sign up for one of more or more of hillsdale's. Most popular online courses for free, and you can start learning whenever you like. Visit levinforhillsdale dot com. L E V I n for hillsdale dot com right now. And you'll be on your way to a rich meaningful education, the registration page, featuring these free online courses will only be up for a few weeks. So stop thinking about it stopped wishing about it. Let's start learning. Register today for free at levinforhillsdale dot com. Tau family members and friends. Levinforhillsdale dot com. L E V I n for hillsdale dot com. I'm telling you. I'm not this is not intended to. Braggadocio? Braggadocious Evan entire chapter and plunder and deceit. On colleges in college education and the funding and student loans and how they hire faculty and on and on and on. And now, it's all over TV. Not because of me, I'm not saying that just stick with me. We're going to be way ahead of everybody else. It's very important. And when I tell you the big news on Tuesday. We're going to be again way ahead of everybody else. It's very important. That we'd be ahead of everybody else. Why? Because it's me. No. Because we have to anticipate what the left is doing. So just stick with me. We haven't changed here for fifteen years. We've done the same thing plow the trail plowed the trail, baby. Let us continue..

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