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I mean, I guess if you fucking kick back and smokes, create them or pop creidim pills for a week straight. And did nothing else. I maybe kill you. Who knows marijuana? Can't can't physically kill you. So he was actually brought that up and he said for marijuana to kill you'd have to smoke your own weight and marijuana. Physically possible. No one's ever overdose. It's not it's not going to kill you. Yeah. So I'm just glad to bring awareness. You know about this issue speaking, Joe Rogan can't wait here. Mike Tyson on the Joe Rogan podcast is that he's having him on. He's been teasing that out. And I'm I'm excited here. Mike Tyson on his podcast and I'm excited to hear Konya west. There's five Tyson has fucking crazy stories. I read his book it was it was an experience. Even remember when I think maybe he went on Howard Stern and he was talking about prison sex. Yes. He did talk about. And then there was true there that he was like banging. And when they have that when the guests visitors come, and they don't check you for Chris what's Pani up as on. Holy fuck and Mike Tyson was treated like a celebrity in jail. So he got away with Shishir. But if you're if you watched that documentary, and it's on Netflix as well Tyson, really good documentary. I would I would definitely recommend it. But crazier stuff happened. To him after that documentary. I mean, the guys just had a string of some bad walk in and a lot of poor decision making. But remember his his young daughter and think who was probably maybe four years old getting choked by extinction cord on a treadmill and dying. Oh shit. I was shortly after that documentary. So it's just like one thing after the other price. Yeah. And he seems like of you know, for a guy who was so violent, and so aggressive and people have their opinion on on whether he is a rapist or not. I mean, that's what he went to jail was convicted. But he was certainly without a doubt like a sexually aggressive guy. He would say that himself in his book an inappropriate, he's he he doesn't he he proclaimed Venison's, but he's definitely a very overly aggressive guy in that manner. If you see them now in interviews, he seems to have gone like the completely other direction. Really like, very peaceful guy doesn't if it's actually why I suggest all you watch the. Documentary..

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