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At least shoot two movies from miramax and that was a miramax moving so i think they were i was in that pool of actors in you know they bring in for different things but it's gonna be a big compliment one any director rehires yes yes eased some taste some cases repeatedly rehires yes i bobby and i robert rodriguez have a great working relationship i love doing the faculty it was a really really great scrapped and i know you give it a good review and has was phenomenal we had piper lori we amy worry words way jensen um we had elijah wood josh hartnett player devolve uh all kinds of people at selma high on my show had a c a lotta loria people some really rather and we think it was one sean hannity's first film again josh hartnett first film maybe one of his it's early was glasses or green on you know taja for those of you at home you should see her glasses an audio you're medium i'm sorry i'm sorry he's going to have to trap but i love that there's usually so much makeup involved with me gang well our which has to which causes us which impels us to spin the wheel of time back just a little bit because when we told friends that you were going to be a guest on our podcast you know surely the first thing almost everybody says is key to whom and uh.

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