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The sentence got it reduced to a fine and then got punched in the face by an angry Diana fanatic as he was and this beautiful juxtaposition of football hooligan a princess and a stuffed animal was one of the more British things to ever have. I kinda like that. The couple of rich people died in a car accident. Okay let's see where these push pins entwine lead us. Let's take a break for a little apropos. Nothing don't just saloon. Your highest problem of Diana has become too much to ignore. It's time she'd be taken care of. I see my queen. What what exactly did you have in mind doing? Spot is in her circle. Yes Mike Glenn Gould to them to become alcoholics alcoholics. That way with the movie is right. They can kill themselves against unwashed pillar and take out the princess and so we need a SPA slash suicide bomber. I don't say sleigh with that gentleman in place it will be child's play to find a totally unmonitored patch of road for the accident. What will it be yes? Then all we do is send in murdering ambulance and we are ready for a final or your. Oh Highness Murder Ambulance yes. It looks and sounds like an ambulance but it actually finishes her off in case the car crash does not. Oh murderer murderer ambulance Scott got then. All that's left to do is confiscate all photographic evidence in the most public event in British history and no one will be the wiser. Brian fries my queen. If I may ask why well what why go through all this trouble. Why murder all these people to maintain the dignity of the royal family original men to maintain dignity your uncle Hitler to take over the country you had a six year affair with a woman so public? The King of France gave you matching dresses. Your Dad Killed The guy with his car. Your son 'til the television channel. The Jewish pharmacy conspiracies were holding back. homeopathic truth still dignity we left off. We were Monday morning. Quarterbacking Chauffeur's please camera operators. EMT's he's in hospital anything else on the list here heath okay so we talked about the day of the crash and we got into the beginnings of the conspiracy theories or explanations the fact or conspiracy. Now get into the. Did you want to jump in here. Allegedly Yay okay. Nope you're not all right so now we're going to get into the other major holes in the official story getting their host of which we need to. We need to rehearse this ahead next time on in sync return emails. NO WE'RE GONNA get into the other. Major holds the official story. Most of which are still being pointed out by Mohamed. Al Fayed was quite certain. The British Royal Family Killed Diana and and his son. Okay I mean to be fair that British do kill a lot of Muslims. This isn't entirely out of bounds. Yeah Good Goto. Yeah well yeah you know what they say about grieving leaving public figures. They make the best sources very accurate. So we'll start with this character. Who actually we might have been a spy or a patsy? For a team of spies. At the time of his death he had about one hundred seventy thousand pounds across fifteen different bank bank accounts and over the last eight months of his life. He deposited about forty three thousand pounds mostly in cash. That is not the standard gendered. Hey schedule or pay type of employees at the Hotel Ritz or pretty much. Anyone who's not a spy. That's not how you get paid and follow up on this on re Paul thing. There's also a theory that says he wasn't actually drunk. Instead his body got swapped out by British spies phonics another body right after the crowder since the air bags in the front both deployed. It would make sense that the bodyguard in the passenger seat wouldn't be the only survivor so Mr Hall was probably fine..

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