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City credit him with your dollars and cents minute there are many ways to achieve financial freedom than city credit leaning can help you get on the right track so much do you spend housing food fueled that what about things like for maintenance of doctors this is how much can you sunday hanger self versus the quickest in easiest way to build a cushion for emergency source time how much can he play on det paying off your small bounce credit cards can free up extra hasta pay down your claro mortgage a little faster it's not the hoard look at areas we can cut back on spending whether it's eating outer shopping or maybe pick up a part time job small sacrifices can make a big difference in your budget city credit union spree financial education specialist can answer your questions and get you back on track visit us today at city see you dot org one of those jim hours again city credit union making the difference one member at a time federally and short by and see you a then going into the third quarter against edmonson you can supports they were going back to the blue line oleksiak looking for a lane to the next couldn't find it chad in the corner where cody eakin has it turned away from edmonson here's rashad that rebound again off of carter hutton it is a color those panthers all right good play to the blue line oleksiak you friedman space was alex steen and now we forces big game only back in dallas eyes place curling he hit you can with the i've read stu grabbing the real soon here whittling this game a three the blues not this is going to be icing he was waved sitting couldn't hold the marquee and they do with their back out to set of edmonson here's it into the stars on glove oh my klingberg okay this a again spezza now trying to get golden eastern along the boards foxsports pass and hold it in the game.

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