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I go anything else in there that we maybe he is a no about that you could shed light outs like break it that he was gonna ties into believing she said that she also through the hypnotists a couple of hundred bucks on the side then now yeah venom or this wasn't around then but what happened was she also said hypnotize him to love and cherish portillo and also dunkin donuts this groundbreaking how much sense does it make so much sense it makes so much sense wow here's his why don't we need to start hypnotizing more people it's not your fault have you ever seen somebody loves something how much he loves the fuck import tila now he drools about it he tweeted them to ban him from all locations because he didn't think is willpower was good enough in this weight loss challenge in it all makes sense now you were hypnotize it's not your phone while biggie biggie biggie can't you see sometimes tears hypnotizing me i think whoever does he does ito's ito can't you see you love portillo's 'cause somebody hypnotized you as he zero zero zero someone hypnotize e we figured it out yeah on sirius you gotta do that all right good luck this one has what we like to call a very low success percentage quote you know i don't think you're gonna get this one out he's going to be tough for you zito zito zito can't you see somehow portillo's hypnotize beat fucked it up no tone down at the right though he got it.

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