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All their own needs a bunch of machines to lift weights with okay bro to get ripped Bro wrote to get my steps cracked sips WHATSAPP. Oh Yeah for ten bucks a month. That's great and Los Angeles. Every every single Jim near US was like minimum fifty five dollars a month okay. That was living the freelance life. I felt like that was Something I couldn't do well also at the time too. We were carless. So now you do have at least the mobility to crack yourself. Should you want to in a professional gymnasium. Look at what we've done. I ever on twitter was like in the last two days before the New Year's was bragging like everything that they've done in the year and I was just just like fuck off every just like all right guys use twitter for jokes or reading about politics. I don't need to see this stuff. It's absolutely just bragging. There's nothing else nothing else. That's part of it but look at just in the last year not just a decade and we look in the last decade I left Grad. School met you all this great great stuff happened but in the last year we had a dog in a car a dog and a car. I mean literally for me. It's just I got a dog when everyone kept posting all the things especially you know between this decade and the last ticket and how. They've changed how they've grown how they've won. I was so I got a dog. That's all that's literally enough for me. That is the true change the growth the magic but now going into twenty twenty. I would love to fit into clothes I bought a year ago. Okay because that's the thing it's not about not letting my body but you know how you're at a certain weight wait whereas like honestly issues not financially feasible for me to buy new clothes so might be easier for my ass to maybe run a mile. You know what I mean. It's like do I buy close or do I exercise five times a week. y'All which thing try hearing me now I'm saying in our record medium. This is legally binding guy i. We'll be doing away in. That's a lie. Don't own a scale but my point is I'm committed to a Damon Wayne a Damon way in and I think that you and nine doing it together. Maybe we'll help. I mean I hate exercising. I don't like to sweat and public but if there's one person who has seen me be sweating gross it's you. After a decade I actually Mike Lifting weights. It's okay cool. I'm not like super strong. Doing like you know nine hundred pound dead lifts. I'm not walking outside and like attaching a rope to a truck and pull it with the small amount of weights on candle. Left that by frail form can can ascend into the heavens. I do enjoy. That's fun. Actually I hate the exercise bike which I've been gee listeners one pass the registers ago. I used to be a runner. But I got a bone spurs my foot. It's okay that put an end to that career Um so now it's all exercycle own the time but you still do it you commit to. But now I feel like you and we're going to make a change. I don't know I'm probably going to have to like eat salads. Shit I just want to get to a point. Where like someone looks at me he goes? Oh my God you look great. What did you do and I'll be like I didn't need anything I enjoyed for six months? Like I WANNA be like thinner but like Roh bitchy about it you know what I mean like are really be like Oh this is trash but thank you requested. I got a real question coming to you. Bill Maher real question. Do you think if you lost weight your mom would say something positive about it or do you think she would still figure out a way to transform it into something negative you know. I really think she will be positive about it. I think she'll be happy about it because I think my weight really. She can't seem to let it go and I think that if she saw she would to be real happy she'd be real happy. Well good for her. So maybe that will repair point zero one percent of that relationship ship. You never know you never know. I mean if you lose weight any do you think you'll be a better person. I will feel better about myself. It's not like I like like crazy out of shape but I could stand to lose about twenty libs. Activity Lives Twenty snowflakes. I The labs ebbs. That's pounds I don't know do you want to maybe talk about our shows. We have coming up Yeah I'm very excited now because coming up this Thursday this day is our first live show of twenty twenty in Los Angeles Bachelors Live. Show Twenty Twenty Twenty Pirie yet. John Gabor's is gonNA beyond the show semi adage Ebay is going to be on the show. Megan gaily and her new husband is going to be on the show. Cj Tola Donna. Last you heard them on our show they were just a couple. Things have changed so I can't wait to check back in and you guys we are going to have the host of the podcast. Black men can't jump up in Hollywood. Jonathan Bray Lock drug militant and James. The third you also know them is three eighths of astronomy club. The netflix sketch show. So this is going to be a refund. One this Thursday January ninth eight PM. At the Virgil also guys January seventeenth. Okay eight days later baby. It's a whole Hanukkah later. A whole Hanukkah later keep down oil going because we're going to be in San Francisco sketch fest. y'All Friday January seventeen ten thirty PM at the Gateway Theatre. We have a magical evening for you. We got so many of the top weird whites white white guy. It's truly a sketch extravaganza because there are so many white sketch. People White male sketch. People couldn't Dave Foley and and Kevin McDonald and Scott from the kids at the hall all three dudes from hello from the magic tavern. Chris Riggins Tammy T.. Love hilarious local. SF comics comics. Who I love and recently got to perform on the Negroes tour? They come through. So that's GonNa be fun. Yeah to get tickets to either. These shows go to our website. Couples therapy pod DOT dot com and click on the live thing on the. It's now Naomi they changed. The website iheart changed everything. And now it's on the right side. Okay AH okay thank you for warning. Twenty two changes us by the way astronomy club. We sat down one day just to check out an episode. The Yeah we had a party to go to and we had a we check that one episode and we ended up missing the party and watching the entire thing literally. James does his sketches Cat Williams. That I love have watch many times over showed my mother. You guys is so fun so the point is the shows are going to be tight. Get by the way truth. We're sitting here on the couch. Do you know what else do we do when we sit here on the couch. Besides watch watchmen Naomi what we record our Patriot episodes. Thank you so much for bringing that up. Andy I wanted people to know. Oh you guys New Year maybe new needs for you. Maybe new changes to your Boucher that is budgets in French. Okay maybe oh you got five dollars to break off to to your favorite podcast host and you WANNA get two bonus episodes of you could hear about the emotional turmoil. We went through over the holidays. That was a huge two part episodes. That people seem to think was entertaining. If you like the t you Betta grab if you like the Out Lap it up. That's what I'm saying about arbitron episodes. Okay it's realty it's piping hot it's our truth we don't just spill the we pour the tea street into your throats. Any brewed would add lipton. What else I think that's enough for now? Why don't we just get into the episode? Think so because these sets are so fun you guys this is for my birthday. They show in Los Angeles in December. Early December yes. So we're bringing you some fresh funds set this first set instrument Lacy Moseley and Priscilla Davies. They are good friends friends who are also actors Comedians at improvisers. You Know Lacey from her. podcasts scam artist on ear wolf and the TV show Florida girls on Pop TV Priscilla as a performer. Former second city. And you've seen her on shows like HBO's Euphoria and Netflixing the fix so strapping and listen to these quyen. Rolette be and he tried to. Who knows how wow It and.

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