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Is. Wild ma'am eighteen hundred. And fifty two even, have boats then They did? An eighteen? Fifty two as quite a long time ago what is this twenty eighteen. That makes that one. Hundred sixty five sixty. Six sixty six years. Old One hundred and sixty six years old. That song is and that means everybody listening right now grew up. With that song? And their? Childhood everybody there's nobody on the planet that is older than that song That's why everybody has one thing in common That that's the only thing we all have in common, as a. People, that and, Winnie the. Pooh. I guess oh Christopher Robin? Comes out yeah. Did you did mo- Kelly, listen mo- Kelly I'm with Gary and Shannon. And we're sitting in for John and Ken How'd that work Kelly was in with Gary and Shannon who are sitting in for, John and Ken Okay Mokhele's with them and they're talking about Winnie the Pooh Christopher Robin And Mokhele was stunned at how little Shannon ferren knew about Winnie the Pooh and it let me grab it, because, it's I was sort of on the same what I didn't know I don't know that much about Winnie the Pooh I. Mean you know Christopher Robin you know the whole Winnie the Pooh story what his. Background is not the background I didn't know that What, I don't, know, much, about Winnie, the Pooh, other than he's a, bear that likes to stick his hand. In a tub Honey Right I'm opening the. Wrong he likes that Dot, which was more of your bare PU bear or Yogi Yogi by far Yogi was. I couldn't. Even. Get the word out you're. Already now Yogi was a scam. Artist he was always. On the take he. Was always mischief Mischief guy and. The guy. That. Owned the only reason that. Yogi bear is not in jail. Is boo boo bear Boo boo bear is always like hey maybe we shouldn't do this Yogi. You. Know You know. The, the cops. Not the cops the. Range. The. Rangers Rangers when we, do, this oh Yogi Bogu it'll be, all right That's my best. Buber that's all I, can do but what does, that movie come, out is, it this weekend Christopher Robin yeah I. Think, it's out. Now you Christopher Robin And what's the idea behind that but let's play the I'm gonna play the trailer for, it here okay actually here's the Shannon ferren part this is just a brief. Clip of today's John. And Ken show with Gary. And Shannon filling in a mall hanging? Out this particular clip? Starts, with? The, clip of Winnie the Pooh or Christopher Reid.

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