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Banning lefty. Is one for three Taty gets the. Signs sense at the Belton, deals roses. Shows bundt cakes hi wanna know Well there still two playoff spots at each division in the second half. But the teams that made the playoffs in. The first half are ineligible there already yet they don't factor in the. Second half standings so what, you have really isn't each. Division six teams for two spots the one to Rosa shows. But again takes Tien. Tight it's too So right now the captain's if you look at the standings look like. They're tied for third and, five games out of first. But really They are holding, onto a wildcard, spot tied with Fort Wayne. A game. Behind south bend for the. Top position but to oh breaking down at in Rosa showing bonds again pulls back again three balls, no strikes The, captains have the tiebreaker against. Fort Wayne Owen rosa On second nobody out, at seven the set and. Totti's, three oh Rosa doesn't take the ban off. His shoulder it's a strike down, the middle three and one Up, next aerial Sandoval He who is responsible for both runs in this game To nothing lead for Clinton the three one from Taty bunch shown again and. Put down the third, base side back and play. Peres good throw to first but it's not in time Roseau legs out an infield single up. To third goes Camacho and it's runners on the corners nobody. Out for, Clinton really good bun on three and one by Rosa Down the third base line of the grass. Peres did all he, could charged back through the first in a heartbeat A good stretch by day but Rosa too quick so here's Ariel Sandoval Sandoval is one four three doubled. Home the games I run pleading Dylan Rosa back in the first inning and then later in that, I went to third. On a wild pitch Want helmet went to pick. Off Ryan Costello at first he took off the plate and stole home Top of the seven runners on first and third nobody out. Taty is. Going to have to get out of dodge.

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