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7 30 as the team has struggled to get over the hump this year. One bright spot has been the emergence of big man Robert Williams, who averaged 10 points to go along with almost nine rebounds and three blocks a game in the month of March. Williams spoke to the media today and was asked about his success this season. Pretty big zone. Heavenly just as far as pushing myself to the computer best that I can be and the Red Sox announced their opening day ceremony. Plans for tomorrow will begin at 1 40. They would like fans attending the game to be in their seats by 1 30. The team's game with Baltimore is scheduled to begin it to 10. Brian Antonelli WBZ Boston's news radio by 13 traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threesome, lingering problems up to the North. Michael. Yeah, and this is 93 North that's backed up for four miles coming up through Wilmington. Certainly a lot worse than usual. Basically stopping go route 1 29. Pass through 1 25 as it crashed. Cleanup continues there just ahead of 1 25 off to the right side of the highway. Elsewhere to the north. Things are good on Ruwan, the upper end of 1 28, even the upper end of 4 95, which is pretty good now from, say, Hopkinton all the way up into Haven rel. Let's see if the expressways so lucky here. Let's check in with the WBC news radio Road report. Well, it's not wide open, so that's not the best news I could deliver. That it is slow out of the O'Neill tunnel down towards South Bay. Then you get quite a bit of running room until you're hit. You're next to lay down around Furnace Brook Parkway. So that's kind of nice. How about the North bound side that slow Getting by nippon Sit by the time you're up to the gas tank, things get better there. Question AC and the WBC news radio road report. Yet 93 South bound is slow going route 37 over to read 24. It's like the closer you get to 24 the worst off you are and then some stop and go with the start of 24 south. After that, you're good all the way into Bridgewater and rain and three south, of course, um, stop and go coming off the expressway, but it's good down to Weymouth and hang him and beyond. Mass turnpikes back up to speed and then downtown. Now the worst of it. Storrow Drive Jam from the Longfellow Bridge into Lefferts Circle. My king WBC's traffic.

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