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Do you want to win it? You could be sentimental or you could be scorned. And maybe it's I I know I don't want that team to win it. But here's the reason why, because unlike that particular player Nick in Chicago is next on the grass show on CBS Sports Radio. What's up next? Hey, how you doing tonight? Good man. She was some info What he got. So I think the Clippers were goingto win it. I just think, George and quiet a great combo, and they've got the most death coming into this thing Who I want to win over the bucks. Johannes when closed Chicago like what they do in that team. No one stay in October. They always rumored to dio. And then sentimental pick would be Dallas because I love the way Luka plays I love watching. Yeah, interesting there, Nick. You're the first guy in terms of the Who do you want to win it from that sentimental and where You're like, Hey, I love Luca. Don cheats. What is there Not to like about Luca, Don Cheech. 21 years old. I thought it was an absolute steal that like to me. The Dallas Mavericks and Luca, Don Cheech got a great all around player who can make a big difference. Whereas Atlanta in that deal, they got Trey Young. And I'll dislike Trey Young. I know it and play defense. To me. It was you traded for an all around guy who could help you and you traded away someone that might be a little more. James Harden like we're in terms of They're really just an offensive guy first, and maybe a land in need that little bit of swagger. Maybe that's what they felt they needed. But I'm a huge fan of Luca, Don Cheech, you know, and the whole draft night and Luca, Don. She's got drafted, like 19 or 20 and his mom's like 40 and everybody was just drooling all over themselves at the sight of Luca Don Cheech is Mom on draft night, and that's something that is definitely burned in the minds of a lot of sports fans. And then you see the guy play and you go. Wow. He He really can back it up. Trevor is in Oregon on the grass show on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, TRAV? I have to go and good brother what he got tonight. I want the Blazers to win. However, I'm realistic and think the Lakers will take the whole thing. It's not either of those two. I may just to go off the Leuco thing. I would like to see the Mavericks when and nobody from the I think that hole Holies is pretty garbage, except for a couple of pain. Who Who would be your two teams in the East. They would make a good N BA finals in your opinion, regardless of the opponent out of the West. I would like to see the book as most people. I'm sure do not.

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