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Others injured. Meanwhile, the Texas House has given preliminary approval for constitutional carry handgun legislation allowing the carrying of a handgun in public places without a permit. Chris Fox reports state. Rep. Matt Schaefer's bill would allow anyone over 21 ineligible to purchase a gun to carry it in public without a license. This bill should be called common sense Kerry because this bill is about common, law abiding citizens being able to carry commonly owned handguns, those opposed to the current licensing process further week. Get out those who shouldn't be allowed to carry state. Rep. John Turner, We shouldn't be up here changing the criteria for eligibility to carry. At the same time, the House still needs to pass the bill on third, reading Chris Fox News Radio 1200 Wook I experts are worried the problems with Johnson and Johnson's covert vaccine could lead to greater vaccine hesitancy. Baylor Infectious disease expert, Dr Peter Hotez says the Anne Baxter groups are using this to push their conspiracy theories and it could be stumbling block in the push toward herd immunity. We don't vaccinate 80% of the population. We're not gonna hold Colburn 19 transmission, and that means almost every adult in most of the adolescent He says. The group that's showing the greatest hesitancy to getting the Copa vaccine is white Republicans. The city of San Antonio is offering walking appointment at the Alamodome to get a covert 19 vaccine. Mayor Ron Nirenberg says 300 vaccines will be available, The mayor says 47% of San Antonio has received their first dose and 28% is now fully vaccinated. That is over the national average of 23%. Wook I news time a 705. The Spurs are in action tonight against the Trail Blazers. Bill Schoening has your Spurs insider brought to you by Kickapoo Lucky Casino On the day after veteran big man LaMarcus Aldridge announced his retirement due to an irregular heartbeat. Perhaps it's only fitting that the Spurs are hosting the Portland Trail Blazers tonight. With the exception of last five games of his career in a Brooklyn uniforms, all rich and productive seasons with the Blazers and the Spurs over a 15 year career..

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