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Observer. podcast Phillips December first two thousand nineteen. We got a Christmas present in early win against the Jags beatdown against convincing win. Yeah you thought they might have a chance starting in the third quarter and they tain Gardner Men's shoe and he does have kind of an energy about him but it wasn't enough to scores eleven points. We held them to well three okay. Does it count. If he gets into point conversion as a score I guess but you don't you don't count extra point though in in any case eleven points eleven points all garnered in the when. When do they get their first field? Goal third quarter. Yeah we were up twenty five zip with is one of three left in the second chord. Twenty five that's a long biggest we had all year. Thank yeah and they did hold us to three points in the second half well the old box would have given up leave right. The offense really needed score any more points. The defense just needed to hold them and keep them from scoring points. This is is the new bucks we win Games. We should win beat up on bad teams the Jacksonville. Jaguars came into this game with the same record we did. But I heard there on a four game family streak makes it five now. I think this includes tonight fun. Game to watch all kinds of good stuff and beat Vale. End Up in the fall back. Position Block for Peyton. Barber for a touchdown have lot of interceptions. Fumbles sacks turnovers Devon. Wyatt had a touch had a he had a good game. was that a picnics picnics. What was the touchdowns that on fumble picked it up and then also had a fumble recovery? It wasn't a touchdown. But he's got what three fumble recoveries on the season. Two of them are for touchdowns at least that's what I recall. Yeah three fumble recoveries touchdowns gave me mad about that now. He's all is a really good football day book near Fans who congratulations. You showed up to Jacksonville. It was nice to see more Tampa. The fans in the stands and Jacksonville fans at least look like more. The rate stood out more. We turn out not only. Did we win today. Carolina last redskins. Yeah that puts us at second in the Division Division. Say we're fighting New Orleans for the division title. What to do they're yeah? I don't think I'm I'm pretty sure we have to have Minnesota lose out and we gotta win out if that happens. We're into blow but that depends on Minnesota losing that. I'm pretty sure they have to lose out once they if they win a game and we're a think do they play against tonight Seattle. Clark yeah so this is is important to us. That's what's fun about this time of year is when you're in the playoff hunt other games manner to you just for fantasy football purposes exactly. We had a little more mistakes than I would have liked. He didn't have any touchdowns but he also didn't throw an interception so that's a big one right there. He was sacked four four times but there there were a few times when he fumbled. He had the one fumble two fumbles one fumble and we lost it but there was one point one sack doc I think where he was scrambling and Roggio ran into him. I saw you pointed it out to a couple of sacks I saw was the offensive. John was the running back to Howard missing blocks so I look at that on tape see. How many of those sacks off at alarm Jay Howard had a good game today day in sixty one yards on five receptions? Isn't the Jacksonville the sack leaders in the league. Something like that. Now they're sevent- they're tied for seven to the browns actually but here's would electives. Game slid away. Even though we haven't twenty lead and I can tell the narrators narrators commentator. I I actually said that you can feel the momentum shift in the stadium and I was like yeah. It's a bunch of Buckner fans and they're all thinking. Oh here we go again. WE'RE GONNA lose kidding with. I never felt threatened in this game at all. I did a little bit. I felt like they were picking up momentum. There was a big reception by Charq Day. Drive forever down the field but they only came away with three so gardner. Men's shoe definitely has a different energy about him. The benched Nick foles. I think we broke nick foles. I think we broke Matt Ryan and I know we broke Cam. Newton and Julio Jones Julio Jones. He was out with a shoulder injury this this week that a sustained against ears defense played well today interesting stat. I saw last week. I haven't researched it to see where we're at now or even if it was true but we have not allowed a third and seven or longer play this year and we didn't in this game from what I can tell when I remember I was sitting there right on down uh-huh every time it was third and seven longer. We stopped them penalty yards. Books had eight for forty four yards Jacksonville double debt. They had sixteen but they tripled it for yardage at one hundred twenty-five crazy not allowed to give up y'all or not a good football team. You just throw that out there now. L. Dj Charq in my fantasy football. God's punishing moving ever played against the buccaneers. We Beano in time of possession. We had the ball thirty three minutes. They had twenty six minutes. Turnovers four to one. That was incredible. Did you see beyond that special teams play. They showed it on the broadcast they had Ryan Smith tripled beating the crap out of him on special teams. Don't go he is so whoa. I have never seen that before where they put three guys on one player to try and block you. And that's the return that they had. That was a good return because they were able to hold old. We really good special teams. Plays like when we were on our goal line basically in the offense later in the game and they held us to three now and we had to punt the ball basically from our end zone Bradley opinion punit it and it was a good punt and then they got a block in the back penalty. I think and back them up it was like they have started on the thirty yard line whereas before they probably would have expected that they had really good field position. Especially when we're putting from our the end zone that sucks Maldin leave the game with an injury. Hope he's okay. You know. I think the next play. They made a completion on Ryan Smith for for a chunk of yardage it might have been fifteen yards but we blew rumor veto blocking on offense. I love that I love seeing him on offense and and you brought this up that this week media were what you notice from the locker room interviews. Just everyone loves him in the Locker Room. He's like a favorite. Yeah that's what I've heard is that he's like last week. They don't bucks fan under podcasts. And we're talking about in the locker love the last week. That's all anybody in the locker room wanted to talk talk about. VW's touchdown just beaming from year to year cool and you know defenders have to be shitting themselves when they see him. Lineup offense. Yeah he drove that one and I think he drove straight backwards. I love the creativity. The trickery can't believe I can't believe a call at the beginning of the year. It's going to be a little bit better. When Gardner mid shoe came in you could just tell? Their whole team changed quite a bit. He's such more dynamic player but he's also more GONNA make a lot more mistakes he had at least two. Maybe three intentional. Grounding calls at work called one day which I was happy about but then there was a couple of others that were just completely blatant like man you know. I hate those intentional grounding calls. Sometimes I called some. Does he know we would add eight sacks. Yeah it'd be nine if they would've intentionally grounded. The ball and Nevada David called for that. Pass interference on fourth and goal as incidental. Omeday I mean what could they do. He's run he's following the guy. The guy stops and runs in the hill. Do Bullshit call and that sucks to because he was on that streak of penalties twenty seventeen. Oh that's right. Got About Oh man. Ref crew was a lot Anderson. They seem like they did an okay delve other than that yeah. I didn't really notice any blatant issues. He's the eagles lost to Miami. Tends to have the same record that they do. I think finding seven we're out in division with the Eagles. Those are in the conference with the Eagles in the panthers. All three of us are five and seven. The bears are at six and six cowboys are at six and six. The Rams are six six five zero plan now and then from there you jump up to eight and three of the Vikings bitings of the ones where they have to lose out. They are the last of the wildcard. Right yeah right right. Now it's forty niners saints packers cowboys sacred. I come in here for another saints. Packers cowboys than the Vikings seahawks those the ones in the playoffs. Brad now deceased and read now three weeks ago we were joking about US ducking it's now it's a serious everybody's talking about it. We can do it. I mean it's a long shot but we can do it. We got a good team. It's one game to watch coach. That's what's important very entertaining. It was for Jacksonville fans. I'm sure but there were a few times when we could have given up the lead when not give up the lead but give give them a chance. Yeah that was one of the most impressive things about this game to me as we pretty much kept our foot on their throat so game. We didn't screw up and start vomiting allowing points to him and stuff. Yeah James only cost the ball up one no interceptions. It was just that fumble did it but it was ruled incomplete after the challenge. Yeah definitely hit the Ground Jones. Yeah we challenged challenge. It's turnover maybe. That was a different one. We will have have the Bruce Arians press conference at the end of the podcast here. If you're GONNA stay and listen to that. I'm sure he's going to be in a good mood. I haven't heard it yet. It'd be ready to get his drink on. He's probably got a couple elaine him already good win guest a bad team but we dominated like we should. I thought I run. Game would be more dynamic but we really didn't need to to do our best. Receivers were not at the top of the Bourne Permanent Howard. Yeah paramount and Howard today and then my Gavin's both had four receptions each fifty yards. It'd be three for my Godwin but look Evans was targeted. Eleven times in the only four. You're yeah for sure. Five of six for eighty seven.

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