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Dot com slash episode one hundred and ten it is fascinating to think about. And so, you know, maybe my latest habit of eating a lot of olives and federa that I get out of the olive bar, that have olive oil, maybe I should stop snacking on that quite so much. I got really excited a moment subs like I love like nuts and seeds and these will be like a healthy way to also like put on some weight as a non like. No, no. I should've I can't put on proof await I need to fill unsaturated fat wait now. So I should be like binging on the coconut oil instead. Well for me. It just all comes back to the dairy fats door while for me. That doesn't think that rape. He loves his dairy. He loves dairy. I would love to see his. I have read his work. I have he doesn't. He doesn't have books or anything he described. I've read his website. Yeah. He writes really complicated. Articles yet, I've been on his website, but then the thing I like about the forums is that I don't really go round forms for like low carb or things like that. But the people who do the rape e stuff I like it's not make generalizations but they're all very, very well. I and very most of them are very, very smart. So like if you read the conversations in those forums, I mean half of the conversations are over my head, but they're all very technical, they're all referencing studies. They're all discussing things. And that's what I really, really like so that's why find. Like I take away so much from that. And learn a lot did you ever read Matt stones books he? Right. Like eat for he. Okay. This is so funny. So Matt, that's not his real name opened not his real name. No, it's funny because his thing is, you know, eat all the things raise your metabolism. That's the other thing about repeat is all about raising metabolism ethic. Matt stone is also eat all things, but he's like except polio tetris pets. Like that's like the thing that he doesn't want you to. Well, Matt stone's work is what led me to repeat back when I was reading Matt stones books, the eat for heat that really taught me, you know, if you take your basil body temperature in its low, and it's always low than your metabolism is slow for one reason, or the other so that, that really taught me a lot, and I kind of knew that from my reading about the thyroid that I had done it all, you know, is connected. The metabolic health are a lot of ways to judge it. But if your body temperature is consistently low your metabolism is kind of low, that those things, go together yet, that's pretty much the main marker people can measure to ask. Ascertain their thyroid without like getting their blood levels checked? Yeah. Not used to be the way, doctors diagnosed it. We have temperature before all the quote better ways that are, are they really better? I don't think so anyway. Fascinating fascinating discussion..

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