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Onyx. Well, we know Trump has an iphone now. Yes, we do. Don't. We somebody suggested actually the Chinese suggests that that he switched to who. I. Yeah. That's it's pronounced iphone users. Also, clearly, value, and optimal tech experience spending. A whopping one hundred one dollars every month on tech related purchases, Android users will spend half of that about fifty one dollars users are smarter and don't waste their money, Android. Users are self admittedly, the more frugal of the group's ding, ding, ding for Michael with Android users being twenty five percent more likely to strongly agree that they think they are a frugal person and being nineteen percent. More likely to say they look for deals and discounts, quote, often slick deals CEO. Josh Meyers said quote, this survey indicates at Android users are generally more frugal than their iphone counterparts and on the hunt for savings. When shopping meanwhile, iphone users tend to spend more, particularly on items related to self image, such as clothing, and cosmetics. The results show that iphone users worthy, happier. Bunch to as they were twenty-seven percent more likely to say they were very happy with their life. There were also more inclined to have a partner that they were in love with and enjoy experiencing new things or this is my commentary. They said all those things.

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