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Keenan Salter is theater knee representing Engine. It young. She's the woman who last year had her door knocked open. The police were raiding the wrong house. She stood there with no clothes on for over half an hour, and our guest represents her. According to the reporting. I'm reading here in the papers, City lawyers filed a request to have young sanctioned for allegedly violating a confidentiality order on the video. Was she not supposed to Release that video, Keenan Really? I don't want to discuss that issue because it's part of ongoing litigation they have sent shifted their position and are focusing their efforts won me specifically, I think under the fundamental piece of this is, though you as a member of the media. You often the media often and for good reason uses the four year statute because the public has a right to access and understand what our government does, why they do it and how they do it. And so the four year statute as you probably know, has been in place for about 50 years. Those videos were absolutely accessible via the four year statute. What someone needs to ask the city is why they denied her request if it was for an ongoing investigation. Then why did they actually do an investigation? They tried to bury these videos. This is the city that bury the laquan McDonald videos for three years. It's unconscionable someone if the city would think it was appropriate to not provide after you violate this woman in this most inhumane way to tell her Oh yeah, By the way, you can't see what we've all seen because we don't want you to have access to it. They still wanna punish her lawyer. It says here. That's you. That is me. And so what's the punishment and it would be for the same thing. There's a confidentiality order and Now at least they could go after you for violating that it was not supposed to be released to the public. S so there's a protective order, not a confidentiality order protective order. And did you violate that? So, no, But like I said, Because that is the source of ongoing litigation. I'm not going to discuss that. Respectfully. I'm not trying to be rude to you. And I understand that. But what about Sandy? Amount of money. I mean, he is at some point, I presume it will come to that that did the city offer her any amount of money. Put a fine point on that. No, they have not. As of yet now. That was before the mayor as recently made comments that she wants to resolve this. Um as of right now, that is not occurred. A zoo relates to reaching out to us. Um, those discussions may happen soon, but I will tell you, um it's more than about the money, Miss Young. She wants accountability. She wants a real thorough and transparent investigation into why this happened to her specifically and more broadly, why does it continue to happen to people primarily on the southwest side of Chicago and people who are primarily African American Latino? That's a problem. I heard as you were leading off your initial, Uh, second it before me where there was a discussion about who primarily is being impacted by covert 19. I was a global pandemic. But those two communities are being most impacted in Chicago, and that's a narrative as old as the entire last century. I understand that I don't and this is not nearly as important and yet I just kind of curious Laquan McDonald's family was offered $5 million or accepted $5 million from the city. And those who different kinds of cases. And yet it is the city having to resolve an issue like this. Is there a number that you all have in mind that you feel like would be appropriate for the injury she suffered. So, um, we're not there yet. Uh, we're not there yet. For a variety of reasons, Um and and and and out of respect to, um, the litigants on the other side, out of respect to miss Young, Um, it would not be appropriate for me to discuss that in this for the police have done because when they were knocking down the door, they However wrong they had at the guy had a police tracker on there. The police they ought to know in what building or what unit they should go into. Absolutely, but they got it wrong. So I don't know what the deal is there, but it least they thought they were doing the right thing. Now they burst in there. Oh, my gosh, this lady's standards. She's got no clothes on. So at least at that very instant. I think the police were trying to do a good job. They weren't trying to knock down the bed. The wrong door. They just they screwed up. So so I wonder if in that moment what should the police have done then? Sure. So, And that's a great question. Because it actually deaf tells him to what their legal responsibility Woz. So you're right on the face of the piece of paper that the wrong was written on. It was a validly issued warrant for her address. So Fine so, but even before we get to the fact that they encountered her the way they did you probably seen the video. You noticed that the knocking is perfunctory. It's not loud. It's not knocking toe Wait for someone to answer the door. It's knocking to say that we did it. And then they immediately start banging the door down. So you gotta start. They're like why was that necessary? They got the warrant issued at 10 o'clock in the morning the way but I think it's necessary because not because they don't know that there is the wrong place if they're at the right place who knows if the people on the other side of the door loading up or escaping, so they've got to get in there right now, and I don't think there's didn't have the time for niceties. If there is this the right address? How many times you're in the media? How many times in the last five years? Have you heard of a raid that said that the Chicago police Department, um proceeded into where they knock down a door in this fashion, and somebody was on the other side of it with the gun firing at them? I don't know. I don't know. I don't. I don't have a number. An instance where you were even is because it hasn't happened. So so I'm I'm gonna respect we push back on what you just said. But that s O. And the reason why I'm pushing back is because if you watch the video, they knock down that door and went in that woman's out as if they were looking for a terrorist. This is an American city..

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