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Anyways. Where you're like wearing it warning in like five years. Oh, yeah. These sweat pants that have like the weird vertical stain on the left leg. That's why you keep those close around. You know, you probably should have got rid of them. But you know, that day's gonna come when you're like crap. Yeah. Okay. Mister gatti's. Time you like sniff your laundry I to be like. Old shirt or like? How much spray like perfume or Cologne or whatever could make this? Okay. Not an old clothes. I feel like sprayed is the dry shampoo of like the male equivalent of dry shampoo. I don't know if you spray Deiter on yourself. It's pretty much Ingo while. That's actually, what is funny. I'm good to go. There is a specific brand they used in Ireland like everywhere, and I called at European man set, and for me like my sense of smell has like the strongest memory connectors. If I smell something it like takes me back to where I like, I smell it or developed that memory what for the first time this summer into the premier sports plex had camp. And they're like inside area has this like spray deodorant to make it up. It's the exact same stuff that I called European Manson back in two thousand and four just decided wait a minute. This is like really potent in effective at covering up staying. So we're going to market it to like Jim areas and just aerosolize the crap out of everything. Yeah. Anyway. Just like hanging out in the doorway premier. It's because I'm like. Key people. We're back to the ruling green hills of Ireland not really like the city streets. Were you smell bunch of people by you? Yeah. It takes you back to win. It's like this is my Saint these are my people. My man smell like this cave. Mannish? Sports play. I'm pretty sure came into not stall that revenue you're like, this is where I will find you know, smoke like sweet ocean spray. Yeah. Yeah. I think it's funny how we name stuff like Irish bring. Yeah. That that doesn't taste or smell like an Irish spring like since spray does that smell great oceans for like a mix of like seaweed salt water ocean, spray advertised as skelly. Nothing like that. I think that's that's funny. But the name sounds just pretty and relaxing. So they call it. It's false advertising, but have you ever sprayed ocean sprain to like a paper bag and just like inhale the bunch of it all at once just like ocean spray in that? And we should make a company where we named shit. Appropriately the can't. Yeah. Like what it actually Ivor spring is just going to spell smell like a rusty buck in spring from an alley it's gotten blood in it banded mattress. Ireland. Got. It's like weird weirdest cabs. Dumpster outside hospitals. Actually what we do. Ireland. I went I went camping with a bunch of people around us. It just didn't felt like anything. It was lovely fucking cold so cold but ocean spray would smell like it would not smell. Yeah. It would finish and seaweed and salt water. Okay. So that's candle number one. How do they make these things candles or macaroni? I don't know. That's by them. Amazing. Yeah. Probably eats them here in a second. I like the orange ones because they have done in the middle. They're like weren't with chocolate in the middle. Those are really good ones. Over. So what's going on? Oh, I just remembered we recorded this all ready, but we were courting so talked about what's going on. There was a technical technically. Half a show, and I didn't hit record. I'm sitting in a new spot. I got excited I didn't hit record. And then I was like twenty minutes. In oak is I'm sorry. Yeah. Anyway. Just guess guess about what we talked about. Okay. This is gonna be twenty minutes. Sure. No actually trying to remember things. People brought up I I think. think. Because I dominated that conversation with the fact that I was in a commercial that you film today..

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