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Morocco of aggression and blackmail following the influx of thousands of migrants into the Spanish and clave of theater. Moroccan border guards apparently did not try to stop them. Here's Guy Hedge Co. The Moroccan government has suggested that it relaxed controls at its border was sail to as a Reprisal against Madrid for allowing the Western Sahara and rebel leader Brahim Garley to be treated in a Spanish hospital. Until now. The Spanish government had played down the diplomatic dispute. But defense Minister Margarita Roadless has accused Morocco of using the migration issue to blackmail it on the violating international law. The integrity of Spain is not negotiable, she said. Spain has repatriated more than 5000 of the migrants. Officials in Nigeria say At least eight worshippers were killed when their church was set on fire in the state of Kaduna. Say armed bandits burned down several other buildings need the Assemblies of God. Church World News from the BBC. This is w. N. Y. C in New York at 904. Good morning. I'm Carrie Nolan. Police are investigating after a shooting injured a child and two others in Queens last night. The incident happened shortly before 10 o'clock on 178th Street and ST Albans. Police say the suspects fired shots from a car hitting an eight year old boy in the shoulder. The boy's father and a third victim were also hit. All three were brought to local hospitals and are expected to recover. There've been no arrests made. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is adding some new incentives to encourage residents to get vaccinated. Those who get their first dose this month can visit one of nine participating wineries for a free glass of wine or sign up online to win a dinner with the governor and first lady at the official governor's residence in Princeton or the governor's Beach House in Island Beach State Park. We're pulling out all the stops to make this the best summer ever in New Jersey. Anyone who has been vaccinated or gets their first dose by July, 4th will also be able to get a free season pass to all of the state's parks. Those have already purchased the $50 season pass can get reimbursed. New York State regulators have approved a deal that clears the way for Decommissioning. The recently idled Indian Point nuclear power plant in Westchester County Governor Andrew Cuomo says the State Public Service Commission approved the transfer of the plant from Energy Corp to hold Tech international Decommissioning of the site along the Hudson River is projected to cost $2.3 billion and take it least 12 years. The power plant stopped producing nuclear power last month. We've got a beautiful day in front of us here in New York City with sunny skies all day long and ah, high in the mid seventies, we could see some clouds tonight with a low of about 60 and sunny again tomorrow with a high near 80 right now, 67 degrees and sunny in New York City. As restrictions ease, and we all start looking forward to seeing each other smiles and riding on the subway and dare I say, hugging our friends. We had w N Y C. Want to let you know what else you could look forward to.

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