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Them online anywhere? We gotta redo yonder market an update that because I would love to go going through European and be selling to emerge as well. And I mean, I don't make time. You know, I pay the people who sell Ed I take care of everybody. But I just a throw I get it. But I would if I was a fan of something. And when I was younger, I just would love to even now. So I wanna make that available for the for the experience. You know, what I mean for the people who come the experience, it's not about I'm not getting rich off selling t shirts. Trust me. It's more about like having something available for the people who want it. You got it. Yeah. Yeah. We talk about Indiana, some more you had an auction right there. You earn a lot of money. Yes. Damien center was hosting this charity event for they do a lot of great work for HIV aids. People who have that and also aware. Fairness and everything and they've been around a long time. And so I was hosting it. And they were having this auction and they weren't making enough. I thought it was I was like I had just I just asked around like, oh, Mike. I said our flight didn't leave until the the Sunday afternoon because there's not a lot of direct from LA to Indianapolis. And so we were gonna go to brunch. And so I walked out during the bunch said, listen, I will buy brunch for four people tomorrow if you can come with me, and it'll just be us. And then there were people bidding. I was like, well, let's make it two of them. So we raise so he got brench for eight peaceful. And there were but actually twelve km, but we raise four thousand dollars Brunswick. Crazy was that. Yes. That's so good was just like we just threw it together. Like, no, I didn't ask anybody. I just did it it worked out at the brunch. Oh my God. These people these guys were so great. In fact, two of them CJ or will be at bubbly brench tomorrow. Bench there. That's right. They were going to be in LA. I don't know where we're going to be money on the bench McHugh giving away tickets. Yeah. And you're going to be going on tour. I just want to bring that up. Really? It's all on my social media, which is Hello Ross. Say Hello much. You just go say Hello Ross. You say. Okay. You can follow me. Hello rose. Poop yacht nine. All right, Nick strategy. For second. I thought that was cookies. Okay. So NICKY is all you with the Mike and like you were required. Mike Bradshaw's out four four. So you're in front of a my, and I know you were singing for hallmark channel. Or not seeing you Tommy is writing music. Are you singing for them? Now is to be vocalizing for the hallmark channel. Actually. Oh, I love you for asking that. So Tommy scores movies for hallmark and the new Christmas movie coming out with touchy on Ali and Patti LaBelle out this Christmas and Tommy wrote music, and I wrote lyrics to the song. That's a Christmas song be. I think we can maybe aired here on straight talk with Russ eventually just, but the funny thing is here's a great story. That's like one of those Hollywood moment. So Tommy has always been obsessed with Pelly padded Lebel one of his favorite singers dream, come true to to meet Patti LaBelle, Patti LaBelle is in this movie doing little scenes, and he's scoring and writing music for a movie that paddles in it. And I said last night after we totally got super high told me, and he goes, well what what what I'm like? like Patty LaBelle is going to be sitting there. One day watching this movie that she's in listening to your music. Right. So I just had that like one of those moments where like Lavelle..

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