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We'll get to that in a minute and we'll start with the parable in a minute but i wanted to just say to you. Thank you because you were. I looked earlier. You our third guest on the show you our episode number three that we released so i appreciate you being willing to come on way back then. It doesn't feel that long ago to be. It stands out to me. Even though it was a long time ago it still really stands out to me. I just felt like we had a really great connection. And i'm really glad to talk to you again. I'm happy to talk to you again. Also i've kept up with your work over the years which is the other reason to me. It doesn't seem like a long time ago conversations with you or a little bit interesting because you are a somewhat visual artists. You combine words and diagrams to make really great points and so for us to have this conversation. Is i feel like we're getting one dimension of you not all your dimension so for listeners. I definitely encourage you to go. Look at jessica's work because it's the diagrams and the drawings that really brings so much of this alive. It is always interesting to go onto podcasts and sort of try and describe ad visually because some people really get it. When i talk about it and some people are more like what are you saying. So thank you for that intro. Yes we will probably put like one of drawings in the show notes so they're available but even. I don't even know that that will show up all the podcasts players. Anyway folks go. Check out jessica stuff but let's jump in with parable. There is a grandmother. Who's talking with her grandson in life. There are two wolves inside of us that are always at battle one is a good wolf which represents things like kindness bravery and love and the is a bad wolf which represents things like greed and hatred and fear and the grandson stops and he thinks about it for a..

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