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I looked at them i looked at the hike comparison is no they just liked your name and it's funny you mentioned that my my name's scott actually came from my grandfather who was winfield scott hancock fisher and he was named for winfield scott hancock who ran for president in one thousand nine hundred eighty the year grandpa was born and winfield scott hancock was a civil war general who had been named after winfield scott the general from the war of eighteen twelve and the civil war you since i'm indirectly named for davy jones now we'll have to find out where he got his name from that's right well i'll tell you sometimes when you're young you can find things on the beach and whatnot thirteen year old boy out in germany found with an amateur archaeologist what he thought was a piece of aluminum with a metal detector and it turns out it is part of the danish king bluetooth hoard of treasure that's been found area over forty three hundred square feet has been dug up now and the danish king harald grimace and known better as harry bluetooth rained around eighty nine fifty eight to nine eighty six and he was the one responsible for bringing christianity to denmark incredible what a thrill for that kid the problem is now for him it's all downhill from there that's true everything's gonna be pull tabs well every week la just spotlight a blogger and this blogger spotlight goes to our friend and colleague gina philibert ortega who is an author and researcher instructor on focus on genealogy and women's history but her blog is on family ephemera so cookbooks are what you'll find on their old cookbooks and really fun recipes.

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