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They really seem to let their guard down by the last day. If i could do this over and go back in time i would not do this event again. That's the organizer of swingers party in new orleans. That happened over the weekend. And which now forty one. People have tested positive for the corona virus. They had if that's all you test positive for after that. That's a win. it's a win. They had masks social distancing and i antibody tests in all kinds of stuff and they said people were pretty diligent friday and saturday but the by the time sunday rolled around. It seemed like all rules. Were forgotten and the swingers party got out of control now. Forty-one people have tested positive. Well at least we care a little bit about our debauchery as opposed to hungary where you've got a member of parliament who has resigned. This particular viktor. Orban was very hardcore. Anti-gay rights stuff of any kind of the or the president prime minister. Yeah a crackdown on. Lgbtq writes in hungary that has been going on since he was elected prime minister in two thousand ten. You have a whole bunch of people that were caught at this. Twenty-five man orgy man not person. These were all do. Hey guys when. When did the chick show up. I understand. I think they all attended to knowing full. Well that it was a sausage party. Need some people refer to these things so yeah that is something. The police found twenty five naked men at the gathering including a bunch of politicians. The the the newspaper quoted local police as saying we interrupted a gb won't put a finer point on that A great bash. The exactly the the organs. Hungarian government is curtailed. Lgbtq right since he was elected prime minister in two thousand ten and the announcement. Was i deeply regret violating the kobe restrictions responsible on my part. I'm ready to stand for the fine net occurs and that was orban himself. Now that's a different dude. Who is almost outspoken. Member of party icy okay. Anti lgbtq rights but his only regret is violating the covid restrictions. Your anti-gay everything and you got caught at. Not only you know gay activity but not normal activity. Most people get involved in the hetero. Normative man judd. Most people are disgusted by the idea of to seven naked random people having sex with each other. And that's what you think is a good way to spend your evening and your your your apology to Statue and says we should we should have socially distance and that's almost sounds like a gabby nominee to paraphrase the beastie. Boys' you gotta fight for your right to all g go hungry. I'm supposed to say this. I'm just gonna read it verbatim from executive producer. Mike hansen in the armstrong and getty started eight masks. You need masks. We got masks. Damn good masks. Get the air force massacre the classic ketchup and mustard logo mask. Now order your g gear now so that your loved one. We'll get it by christmas. Oh and we have upped the ante. We've spent a little money and there are now a enhanced shipping options. Okay so you can get them quicker. Get your stuff quicker and some of the some of the swags great and it helps keep everybody employed the mask adjustable straps on my hand shutdown before. That's a that that helps right. That's that's beautiful thing do dimension especially for the small headed their non-profitable i have or the gigantic. Hello yeah. They're they're adjustable. They're comfortable they're light. They don't get that weird chemical stank to him. I wore them cross country and back flying so anyway. Armstrong and getty dot com. Love this story. More than half of the emergency small business funds went to large businesses new data shows. That's your paycheck protection program. More than half more than half. That's about six hundred. Mostly larger companies including dozens of national chains received the maximum amount allowed under the program of ten million dollars. These names known are they're kind of like can cannot be figured out. Who was exactly. Yeah yeah yeah. That's the data this coming out and the company just for the government for allowing it to happen if they didn't violate laws if they merely looked at the letter of the law and their compliance guys said. Yeah you're in the clear because a paragraph three. I don't know. I suppose. I could fault them for being against the spirit of the thing and i want to get a little more into this because it's pretty interesting but how mad are you if you're running a small business. I as i've said before. I personally know more people who have closed their business than have covid. Yeah since this whole thing started you close your business and you got big businesses. That weren't supposed to get this money getting the money. How mad does that make you. How do you ever pay taxes again. Well and this is the problem with gigantic sweep government programs. They're impossible to implement properly. We were talking about. How medicaid is a hammer. One hundred billion dollars a year on purpose yesterday so the officials from the. Oh what i start to say. We cannot say enough that there ought to be good solid aid programs for small businesses and laid off employees. Going on right now. Okay maybe you disagree but if you agree with the premise. It ought to be happening right now. And the democrats in the house of representatives have so clearly rejected two-thirds of loaf saying nope we're not gonna take it. We're not going to give it to the waitresses and the the line workers and the and the blue collar americans. No we're not going to unless we everything we asked for which is primarily a bail out of era state and city. They have not gotten you that aid now. The the mainstream media is not telling you that. But i mean it's it's one of the it's one of the great political scandals i've ever seen and nobody's talking about it. How they intentionally stopped aid to you. The average american to score political points and we have we have a problem. We through the trump era because of all the all kinds of reasons that have been discussed to death. But we've lost our way in our ability to have a conversation about any issues. Yeah the media has has has lost its ability to do that And and we. The consumer of the media have lost the ability to scrutinize them on it. I guess it's we're out we're so far out of whack. I don't know how we get back in iraq. Can we get back into whack in any way that there can be anything close to reasonable coverage of giant legislation so that we can take it in as citizens and then kind of have a discussion about it. I'm not sure we can anymore. I'm.

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