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Get the American public to accept cars that drive themselves are you ever going to or you way too nervous about a one eight hundred two eight three one one point five more of your thoughts after fast traffic is on route nine in the south bound rex and for self employed correct about the victory circle further south in old bridge you've got a separate cara crash in between Tice town road in ferry road we've also got a crash no one to eighty seven in the south bound erection that's by exit six north bound to any seven pretty slow exit seven up three twelve then again from the Morristown area back up the Parsippany and headed westbound on seventy eight out towards two eighty seven that slows down right on the offramp and stays busy onto about exit twenty six we've also got volume delays through most of Morris County west bound side eighty through exit thirty nine in Denville after thirty in mount Arlington and better news in New Brunswick that crash on eighteen south bound just cleaned up approaching route one still pretty slow coming down from Albany street we've also still got a reckon Toms River south bend of the parkway that's down by exit eighty three we're pretty slow here coming south of exit ninety eight in fact them start to see more volume coming south one of five into the as ray told them into the Neptune area at the George Washington bridge leaving New Jersey on the lower deck getting word of a crash in the center lane that's got a little bit slow into the tolls and up on of the span linking total with a fifteen minute wait about ten to fifteen at the Holland Jeff from New Jersey traffic north Christina cellphone New Jersey traffic south on fifty five southbound rate by exit fifty eight in separate we're getting word of an accident taking at least one lane here we also have some trouble right now if you're traveling on a one thirty it'll be the southbound side leading into route forty two very congested so is six seventy six sell better lead to Gavin you to forty two and forty two south still in the area of two ninety five the Blackwood Clementon road you'll hit the brakes two ninety five south now from route seventy three to forty two in pockets very slow moving and also in Hamilton one ninety five east other prostrate in the New Jersey Turnpike you'll be tapping on the brakes traffic every fifteen minutes next.

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