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P show twitter handle a dp show and the elusive email address gpa dan patrick dot com also forged defined by their biggest stars were seeing that with the nba but perhaps news sports shaped as much by one players the nhl was with wayne gretzky he change the league forever you probably wouldn't have hockey in nashville or in florida if it weren't for gretzky i don't think hockey could have is singular force like they did with gretzky again but now the pittsburgh won backtoback cops sydney crosby certainly has established himself as the sports primary storm the captain captured his second straight contest smythe trophy the playoff mvp as pittsburgh became the first team to repeat is champ since the nineteen ninety eight redwings and when crosby came in we look at a lot of these athletes whether it's lebron james or brice harper where you're coming in on the cover sports illustrated at age sixteen i now you start there and we sorta work our way down can you live up to the hype it's really difficult should crosby sydney came in should the kid he was the next one that's pretty heavy that's like saying you're going to be the next jordan if you're following wayne gretzky missed some serious time with concussion problems but he recovered he's one three stanley cup championships he's not the great one may be the next one but certainly he won the great players of all time so last night great atmosphere there penguins winning backtoback is they win in nashville so tonight cavs warriors game five i know it's a must win for the cavaliers it a mustwin for the warriors i know they're up three games to one this is different though when you look.

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