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Yeah but I also would people have gone nuts if you had proven it got a little did I know it would have ruined the way yeah yeah yeah yeah you can do it so it's so great so funny that's funny is I like that you're silly so it's because my parents are in town extra faith perfect we on the day we like each other we don't go do this accident night Bonin we we don't do it he said let's postpone yeah didn't didn't do it the next night then then you went out the next night yeah second second date now so and we just like each other and we started dating in two years after that I propose that woman you are fun I met my wife on a threesome APP and have you had a few when you on the APP on the APP but just because that's just a straight romance you got that e harm Maxwell where that's where we go to commit pete get your mind out of the gutter no we know we have our three eyes wide shut parties wearing the red robe so but yes we've done that because when you meet on the threes of Mab it's like your dad that's on the table and but are you finding them in the wild yes and I will say that free range free free free range three ways yeah organic free range farm-to-table yeah that's where you want parsnips you wanna Parson at three way and I will say this for anyone that sounds like oh that sounds like something amazing that I want to try to do I I would say as long as there's complete an open communication with your partner it's not one person saying like I want to do this so why can have sex other people right it's not as in Demy de me Demi Moore's new book Oh that Ashton Kutcher cheated on her her and he used the fact that I think the person he cheated with with somebody they had a three way where he's sort of used the hyper male logic I've already been having sex with her so what's the difference different is a huge there's a huge huge difference of cheese not there or she does not know about it because as as my wife tells me a and this is the most sort of sound logic I can say is that when you're when when you're in a relationship and you decide to do something like that we are using the third person as a sex toy right now I've heard that before they are not in we are not and they know that going yes this is like what sex sex people but they have like a very nuanced vocabulary where that might sound degrading to your eye you need to be like this is a fun and thing yes they know that that's why we are not during the third person's emotional wellbeing like other than obviously consensual right but not like we're not like oh are they getting what they need from this interaction no for us it's like no are you like is wife getting what she needs am I getting what I need and that person's okay with beforehand yes you're like you are here to facilitate rightous and we like we don't want to really speak with you afterward this is not going to be like a friendship where occasionally happens like no this is done this is a one time thing riches and then you're gone you have a no repeats review clause we've violated it is that something that you do in the lifestyle well I mean good code word okay okay he says he's saying the lifestyle yeah so yeah that's something that but this was a person who was very clear with that role was very okay with it I could see that being a turn onto certain people like I didn't use understand like or something I'd be like it'd be weird that you WanNa be degraded or wearing some sort of harness or whatever and I'm like no some people have their sexuality mixed with some strange psychological feelings or whatever and that is there is there missionaries that's that's normal and sexy for them as long as doesn't hurt anyone don't care in business do your thing so but also we've met we've met people that have a similar way of thinking than us but it seems like they're married just so they can have three ways right I'm married to my wife because I love my wife she's the most important thing to me anything else that happens is a wonderful bonus if it doesn't happen that is perfectly fine amazing partner you don't just want an enabler will there was a time when one time when a particular woman was lily on her in the car driving to our place so that action can take place and my wife's kind of looked at me and goes is it bad if I'm not feeling it right now and I go that's fine called her said sorry not today right and maybe another time put the relationship I exactly and so when you do stuff like that you have to be sort of hyper aware of that in extra I hope you are some real fucking courage to be that open door honest with somebody yeah it does and I I'm glad that we've had those conversations and and I'm glad that I feel okay to have those conversations with my wife where I'm not like Oh God if I even bring this up she's GonNa she's yell at me it's eight did this on easy did you watch easy it's one of the best shows on that flex its every episode like Vignette there's like three okay not that one we love that one I love that episode because she loves sexual tension her favorite okay to watch it was it was another one there's a whole run their whole plot is that they opened up their marriage and one of the things I thought was so interesting was that one person grows out of it that's something you have to be you very open to and 'cause I if my wife tells me more like oh by the way we're not doing that anymore and I go great and I understand that women's Gli get stapled with those types of feelings I'm that kind of guy like sometimes sexist like this makes the most sense in the world we should live like pie ah put a dagger in scarf right around and drink rum mature and sometimes I'm like I said it to somebody I was like I love sex but it's not my number one and it's not worth the emotional checkbook balancing like for me some people it is I understand but you gotta put that work in and I don't know sometimes I'm a little too norm core yeah I it's a chase at because I'm a sensitive guy yeah I totally understand that and it's something in this conversation I was talking with a comic about really weird fetishes that are out there in the porn categories and and if you're into that kind of stuff then okay as long as like I said as long as it's not hurting other people I don't care but I said the guy I'm like I'm really glad that I I'm a guy that can have missionary position it'd be like this is great like I'm really glad that I'm glad you're right in my I have a bit about this I'm happy about that I have a bit about watching porn and then discovering something weird I think I say fucked up in the special little judgmental but something atypical that you didn't know you loved that complicates your life yes I want you to bowl come cats at me as role play where you're my daughter is that so normal it's become so normal I was thinking I'm not trying to be funny but I was thinking about things like asked south we all know what that is in the seventies you went into the back room in the back room of the backroom right for the video right now they're just show up on the main page yeah what is that that's my things like that will happen and I really become very concerned for the actors and actresses involved because we're so showbiz yeah that's the thing where I'm like what did you porn I think I'm embarrassed I was young and I watched it hoping I would see some bubis or something instead I was haunted and they were showing like there was like slapping and all the should George Clooney is pretending to be a fucking trap he's artists manager and he makes forty million and this is you know this is happening for free in the girl made a thousand dollars and the guy made three hundred bucks or something like that should and then the joke would be say some graphic sexual and this is why I don't do the bed I got bored.

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