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Better place if I'm wrong but also pirate role play I guess like they didn't they didn't show the telescope being used in third person. So we don't know if the player actually like holds it up to use it but I think it'd be kind of fun to have that as an aspect of plays. He just want to build a ship goof around. Maybe be on a ship wreck holding telescope. This occasional cases way especially, younger players will have a lot of fun just kind of putting it up to their right I and going Yar but I don't think it's for the average play for folks like us who kind of deeper into the survival game I imagine to find zoom proably still going to be the main thing. The developers have for their part been very open about the fact that they do not want to replace up to find zoom and there shouldn't be any kind of pressure on to to remove the feature. Now, a zoom feature exists potentially in Vanilla minecraft and that the two have different value propositions. Not entirely certain. What value proposition that talking about with the telescope quite yet because. He's do roughly the same level of zoom opt to find does, but with a slightly more obscured point of view. So I'm kind of waiting to see if they have anything else to share on that front, but it will be they stack like do you get zoom zoom if you use the telescope than I have opt to find installed and then you're looking up a cow's knows from. Four hundred feet away exactly like be fun I. Guess Know As far as we can tell, there is basically one level of zoom and that is, but who knows maybe they have other stuff planned for it. All we know is that is one of the uses for crystals right now with the other one presumably being decorative and we don't know if they have anything else planned for those. We are getting through it. It is oh boy, we don't even have the time I think to get into some of the other features and the the other sort of extra outside Vanilla minecraft stuff like minecraft and the addition of minecraft characters in Super Smash brothers I think we'll probably end up covering those in future this still capital things here that I really want to get to like. Bundles, bundles, I, think are slightly more confusing feature to some folks than they initially appeared because they were presented as the solution to the problem of a cluttered inventory. What bundles do is allow players to collect up to sixty four different items into a bundle that takes up a single inventory slot effectively stacking items which wouldn't normally stay together. So instead of it being an expansion to eventually like Shoka. Boxes where you can carry around a larger amount of storage space bundles effectively, let you tidy up all of the loose items on already in stacks of sixty four and group them together into an individual thing. So if you just have like three slabs and five stairs leftover from build project, you can talk all of that stuff into a single bundle and I think that's quite an interesting and valuable. Thing I think it has to come down to how it is implemented though there are a couple of things here that could potentially make or break whether or not players will use it Joe. No, you have some thoughts on this because you've been thinking about the the whole bundle, and he said some really kind of insightful stuff about it on the stream because you've been working with..

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