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West 4 95 South is backed up route 20 down to a left lane crash at Route nine. Mike King WBC's traffic on the three and now it's time for the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast Brian Thompson with us now and Brian, It looks nice, but you walk outside and bam, the humidity just hits you. It's as Nicole. It's been a warmer day temperatures across much of the area in the eighties this afternoon. The humidity is very noticeable and we want to see temperatures drop off that much tonight with patchy clouds only dropped about 73 tonight. Hot and humid tomorrow with clouds and sunshine a thunderstorm around late in the afternoon into the evening hours, especially north and west of Boston High tomorrow, right around 90 degrees. That will be closer to 80 on the Cape. Mostly cloudy, muggy tomorrow night Low 72 now will be cooler into Saturday but still humid with mostly cloudy sky. There will be a shower around, especially during the afternoon. Saturday's high around 70 Eights could have a couple of heavy, gusty thunderstorms into Saturday night and mostly cloudy on Sunday, still humid at a couple of showers around Sunday, sire on 74 degrees, not backing the meteorologist. Brian Thompson WBZ Boston radio. Thanks, Brian Right now, in Boston 76 degrees the forecast brought to us by ever source helping you with ways to save money and energy ever source. The number one energy efficiency provider in the nation, helping customers save money and energy and waste that work for you Learn more about how you can Stay comfortable year round. No matter the weather at every source dot com and a 5 25 time for New England business. WBC's true Mo Holland as the story of a Blackstone husband and wife who had an idea to deliver coffee during the pandemic around with it. Steve Warrior says coffee is not just coffee. It's a lifestyle for.

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