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On tonight the Valero Alamo bowl with number eleven Utah team to threaten for a spot in the college football playoff you'd sticking on taxes and some of the guys will take the field in San Antonio tonight maybe getting paid to play in the near future Mel Kiper junior tells us to there Alamo bowl for use all of that Los running back he's a veteran Imad the state of Florida just a guy that knows how to make people mess and he's a tackle breaker between the tackles he runs fart makes you pay the price if you are taking one of the whole he's got nice burst to the outside average over six yards a carry as a finisher at fifteen touchdowns also exit twenty six catches outback your will be an outstanding second round pick for somebody when the defense aside the ball Julian Blackmun quarterback turned safety four interceptions injured in that pac twelve championship game against Oregon hello guys play corner and safety for today's NFL Francis Bernard transfer linebacker inside my background a huge year second on the team in tackles he's a guy I project in that third the fifth round next throw birches safety talk about a guy that had a nice year for them third in tackles guy was around the football is kind of a quarterback of the defense like Chuck walk with the Baltimore Ravens has become every came out of Virginia Tech troll purchased as a day three put it could be a steal and lucky folks to that kind of occupier inside but gets the penetration huge body at eight and a half tackles for loss lucky folks to defensive tackle of a third round grade on for Texas Brandon Jones the safety letterman tackles he's a guy can cover well enough for an F. tackles was two interceptions to be a complete safety in the NFL I have a third round grade maybe even a two of you as well for Brandon Jones Devin to Renee let a let them and receive them with a hundred three receptions he's a more of a slight guy twelve five average eight touchdowns he could be a third or fourth round picking Colin Johnson Paul angle receiver some Johnny Johnson former Texas Longhorns play in the NFL network career Colin Johnson could be a third the fifth round pick you turn number eleven team the land in Texas tonight the.

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