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B. C. rob Kendall rob Kendall show thanks for joining us well on on Twitter at Robert M. Kendall certainly would appreciate a follow over there and spent all this week hosting for twenty cats or on the on the morning show and at much of what we spent the week doing was getting different perspectives to try to come up with then understand listen to people and how they feel about things to figure out how to move forward and as I said last segment we are going to have to do this as a society we need being the people because the politicians are clearly not capable of figuring this out I mean look at the lack total lack of leadership at all levels of government that you have seen across this nation over the past two and a half weeks I mean you think about what's going on the federal level those Democrats taking a knee for eight minutes and the the the in their dress which was offensive to many people the pandering that took place there was a joke the series I don't have any answers you think about the the state level we just played last segment about no Eric Holcomb almost lost the state capital his it is he was so petrified to do anything and risk being called a racist or whatever that he did nothing and almost lost the state capital then comes out and congratulates those the protesters while just two months earlier he had told other peaceful protesters that they were gonna spread the plague they were UP three dash personal leadership there doesn't have any answers offered nothing sense either he just closed his eyes and hopes and then we talked about what he my arms on the on the Democrat side in and played if you can find him somebody finally found him at the democratic convention these ridiculous word salad of what he wants to do which he offered nothing other than platitudes and buzz words so you have no leadership and then now we come to the local level where maybe the most agree just lack of leadership of all is taking place and again I point all of these things out because we are at a time in our nation's history where we need people to stand up we need people who are capable of saying I'm listening I hear the voices on all sides I'm hearing people who haven't been heard before I'm willing to do that and then we're going to move forward with policies that work for everyone regardless of their race because many people and I think rightfully so are concerned that the end result of all of this ask politicians so often do is they're just going to throw their hands up and do something for the sake of doing something without any real tangible results or results the slope of the swing the pendulum the other way and then breed resentment and harsh feelings on the other side and again nobody is satisfied and that's likely what's gonna happen that's what government always does it happen so often especially in areas of high profile of in which one side is quote unquote outrage and they just look at what we got we got someone please leave us alone and enjoy hog set is an incredible example of a lack of leadership that has this nation in trouble because the last two nights of of going out to to broad ripple which thankfully is is open on some level still be the fifty percent and I'm sitting there as you know purchasing food and beverage at local establishments I'm sitting there thinking actually tweeted this out I have done more to help the businesses in broad ripple in two days the Joe Hogsett is done in twelve weeks and that's a fact I as a citizen just being eighty eight law abiding a patron of local eateries purchasing food and beverage have done more to help those businesses in two days than Joe Hogsett is done in twelve weeks and if it's pathetic and tragic but if I were to use words to describe jokes that pathetic and tragic might be at the the the the top of the list and I bring all of this up because his holiness the mayor Hogsett said that even though Indiana the rest of the state went to phase four on Friday which allowed more things to open up the higher levels of capacity a new businesses were able to open up for the first time the mayor council now we're we're not we're not doing that yeah none we're we're not we're not doing that yet we're not going to face for until next week and here's a little bit of that announcement by the way you're reviewing our county's health data including a continued decline in hospitalizations and doctor came and Marion County public health officials are now suggesting we proceed to stage four that's interesting but he but he did have a little advice for everyone because he's still very very he's very concerned about coronavirus residence **** still strongly encouraged to utilize face coverings and practice social distancing so on one hand he still so concerned about corona virus that he's delaying the movement to phase four for another week just to be sure just be careful we got to take every precaution necessary okay well I I disagree there never but I understand your person who really is legitimate in your concern for the citizenry and the spread of coronavirus and you want everyone to what we're saying please don't wear a mask when you go out down the climate that I really appreciate jokes a caring so much about me about everybody's well being and and and that's not spring current all but look let's go blue wave back in the time machine to a couple weeks ago and what your Hogsett had to say about the thousands of protesters many of them not wearing masks all of them for the for the most part not social distancing breaking all of the rules here's what he said about them what there be no doubt I was heartened to see thousands of people come together over the course.

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