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Researchers at MIT think they've discovered a new solution to the need for solar energy storage used electric vehicle batteries quoting ee, there are now two million solar energy installations in the United States alone. This number according to Wood Mackenzie and the Solar Energy Industries Association is expected to grow to three million next year and to four million by twenty twenty three yet. Such installations can only generate electrons when the sun is shining. Plenty of solar power will be available during daytime hours with a dearth of power on cloudy days or at night in other words as solar and wind power expands the need for energy storage only ramps up, says Ian Matthews Marie Curie, research fellow formerly at MIT and quotes. Lithium Ion batteries are being used in a lot of cases for solar storage, but they're expensive, and at least currently dependent on rare and limited minerals like cobalt. The MIT team ran in economic model of a grid scale solar farms twenty year, life cycle, using three types of storage, a new lithium ion storage bank, a battery bank built from. The Electric Vehicle Batteries, operating at eighty percent capacity, and not storage at. Quoting again for batteries reduced to eighty percent of their original capacity Matthew said it's reasonable to assume in EV owner will want. From their car and will likely trade up, but grid storage doesn't place such a high premium on extracting every last ounce of energy from every cell for grid storage. Eighty percent performance is good enough especially, if that used battery comes to the solar farm at a good price, the group ultimately found that used easy batteries purchased at eighty percent of their original capacity will deliver marginally better revenues for the solar plant than a similar Bank of new batteries, and if the solar farm can buy those batteries at sixty percent of original retail price, the farm can potentially even return a profit all other factors being. Matthews says these are still coming online in small enough numbers that they're used. Battery packs haven't yet become a big or noticeable force to reckon with, but he expects in a few years time that will probably change used e V batteries could become so widely available that they'd be for any number of energy storage applications end quote. Mathews has begun getting in touch with investors to set up a second life battery marketplace, so that batteries could be organized towards some of those various energy storage applications after their initial electric vehicle tenure has ended. There's a lot of collaboration logistics that will need to be worked out, but the idea of giving in all ready eco-friendly item, a second, even more eco-friendly life is very cool and definitely the type of solution that we need to be having more of. Kids in Virginia aren't going to be able to use closed libraries and bookstores as an excuse not to do their summer reading because Google's sister company wing is going to be delivering library books to their houses. The drone thanks Google. Why Wing in West Virginia will quoting the Washington Post wing a company owned by Google Parent Alphabet received federal approval last year to deliver by drone in Virginia beating Amazon. Prime air to the public testing milestone, the company also delivers packages which can weigh up to about three pounds in Helsinki and two Australian cities. The tests serve relatively small numbers of people and. And expansion plans in the United States hinge on the Federal Aviation Administration approval wings started delivering household goods and meals from walgreens and local restaurants to a limited area of the South West Virginia town that covers several thousand homes, last October and quotes the upcoming library book delivery. Service is primarily thanks to the efforts of Kelly Pasic a middle school librarian who has been pushing for the use of drones for Book Delivery Service since last fall when she first noticed how quickly her wing orders were arriving at her house after the company launched its test site last year in Christian Berg Virginia. When schools I closed in the spring. Do the pandemic PASOK and other district librarians had books delivered to the students on the school buses that delivered breakfast and lunch to every district student each day now, thanks to pass hard work, and perhaps the added Passion of Wings Head of Regina Operations, whose mother is also a librarian book deliveries to students via drone will begin this week. Roughly six hundred students who live in the delivery zone will be eligible to receive the library books and they won't have to return them until school resumes in the fall. Ending today with a youtube channel recommendation of sorts, it's been around quite a while, but I just discovered it this morning when a friend shared one of their videos in a group chat. The channel is called epic, Happy Birthdays, and they have thousands of birthday videos featuring different names that you can send what feels like a customized birthday video to your friend on their birthday, though it is a bit like trying to find your name on those tiny license plates at five and dime, so if you're looking to send a birthday message to someone with a more unique name, you might want to utilize the company's custom video option on their website. Unlike the free videos on their youtube channel, it does cost money to get a fully customized one. Now, I know customized birthday. Greetings are nothing new. In fact I've seen some recently. They use some type of deep fake technology to make animated characters perfectly mouth and sing people's names and custom birthday greetings, but it might be that exact advancement of technology that makes these simple videos appealing to me. The larger reason I'm recommending it though is because these videos are hilarious. They come in a few. Few different varieties, including their original epic version in epic, cats version in Alien remix, a sloth, rap and sort of drake shoot esque. It is your birthday song. The graphics while well produced are that sort of chaotic style that looks like the early two thousands Internet vomited onto a ten eighty p video. There's dinosaurs explosion lots of stock, film and images horrible font choices I mean it is. Definitely not for everyone, but it is perfect for someone in your life. You've got to watch them to really get the gist, but I will play you a quick clip of the original epic birthday song to give you an idea. Today just so happens to be Peter Gingrich's birthday, so here is the happy birthday. Peter Epic Happy Birthday Song..

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