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Yeah, but it was disruptive and I don't think it's man is into disrupting things and then working with talent, unfamiliar with him, but paying them more money than the people who brought him to where they are today. And I think that's the concern with Kenny Cody and the bucks is if they're not main roster instantly like AJ styles was, I don't know that they're going to be getting an offer that's enough to keep them from continuing doing what they are having a blast doing I, I was around Cody and Kenny and the bucks and at all in before the show watching during the show and it was around him and talk to all of them after the show. That they were on cloud nine like this is not. This is all it is not some strategy to get a w WBZ deal alone. I mean, it certainly it helps position them for that if they want it in the offers there, but they're loving what they're doing. So I just think all in all, I think it's more likely they just keep doing what they're doing and stay happy, and as opposed to go to WWE and taking the chance that they're that they're ruined and they end up not making. I mean they'd have to have guaranteed money in the seven figures. I think to get them to walk away from where they are now. Well, there's been that rumor that, you know there have been some. There's some high figures floating around on the WWE would be willing to pay. I look. I mean, again, that whole theory comes down to it's a conspiracy if bench really is going to step away around the time that FOX starts, Dan, you're only talking about what eight, nine months that they'd be annexed of hundred just kind of wanted to stash them. They're right, and that's where that comes. I don't think they're to want to go there and sitting next t I also I do wonder, I mean, looking at smackdown lately, Wade. I just see it as a very different show. I don't see Vince McMahon's fingerprints all over it. Maybe something like Becky, Lynn, Charlotte. I hate to just say, well, it's only the negative things, but it's kinda the stubbornness there, but it doesn't have to be. I really wonder how much Vance is paying attention to smackdown right now. And if that's where those guys would fit better. And I know you know, you're now help. Smackdown becomes the ACO, but I I could see that being a huge boost and you kind of let them it just kind of settle in on smackdown and then and ideally they get a strong push their and eventually is still running the show over all. Then maybe just maybe he sees something and but yeah, I mean, again, going back to the original idea, I don't see it for this year's wrestlemania. I think the idea of Roman reigns and Kenny omega is attractive to the super fan. And there's a lot more super fans in there once were, but I don't know that it it's something that's going to appeal events. Do you think it means more and fans of the bucks Cody and Kenny would like it more if they showed up on the main roster and a big angle or does it work better to have them take the Adam Cole Colorado, Bobby fish now Roderick strong route with undisputed, Aaron, how them do their thing and annex t works a main events..

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