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New book the lot tape factor and you can attend text the word seminar, two four one one nine two three for more information. You'll learn how making a few small financial changes could radically change your life. They'll also dive into the current state of the markets, and how it affects you. Don't miss this opportunity to see Stephanie Fullerton, a fourteen financial planning and David Bach and get some of your questions answered about how to plan for retirement. This special event is one night only Thursday may thirtieth at the pure heart church. England L at six PM, call six to three nine seven four zero three hundred for tickets or just text the word seminar. Two four one one nine two. Two three Dave Ramsey here with my friends at Window World and Phoenix the best way to keep the heat outside of your house. This summer is to replace your old worn out windows with new solar zone. Sun shield glass windows from my friends at Window World. These windows have an S H G rating of only zero point one four which is basically window nerd talk for it keeps the heat outside. Where it belongs JD power recently ranked Window World highest in customer satisfaction with windows and patio door retailers, which means simply the best for less is more than just a slogan. It's exactly what you get. So call today for a true lifetime warranty that even includes accidental glass breakage, call or schedule online at windowworldphoenix dot com. Window World, simply the best for last for JD. Power award information. Visit JD power dot com slash awards. Voice to America, the global talk show now back to Tony for me. Archive this.

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