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There was no intent to kill. I know that with all my heart. He's harmless. But in courtroom, two of the Lubbock county courthouse the prosecution paints a far different picture of activity. Somebody who was era against somebody using shepherd as a pawn to keep up with prochell, Dr Sony's relationship and goodness knows what else? This is the story of this is vengeance. This is revenge. This pride. One of the big pieces of evidence that love of prosecutors used against Dixon was this twenty two caliber pistol, which David Shepherd told police that he used to shoot Dr Sonya at prosecutors presented evidence that the gun that was used kill. Dr Sonia was given to him by Dr Dixon, circumstantial evidence. Pretty strong stuff. David Shepherd tells us that a told Dixon I have a gun in Dixon says don't worry about. I got the cover. I have a gun. He says it belongs to my brother gave it's clean. Police divers were seen pulling something from the lake shepherd was on hand to point police to areas in the lake to search. They said thrown the gun into a lake Amarillo behind Dr Dixon's office. Also, prosecutors have a wealth of text messages between Sheppard Dixon, when Sheppard was stalking Schettino. And some. When he was arrested. The swat guys told me it actually jumped into swimming pool and tried to ruin the phone. The problem was the man had plugged the phone in backed it up to his computer. So all of the stuff, they he thought was not going to get him in trouble was backed up to computer. Prosecutors here are saying that they found text messages from Dixon shepherd urging shepherd to kill. We're talking text messages like go get him with an spur get her done and put it on. If you look at the text messages to put it on him. You know, those types of things there one aimed at my mind what they were talking about real eyebrow. Raiser is how the payoff supposedly happened to the alleged hitman here, three silver bars and boxes cigars. It's hard to find good Cuban cigar. But this over bars are worse. Some nine thousand dollars. According to prosecutors, one of which was sold to this pawnshop and emerald Texas before them are and to after the murder sold by none other. What was he like to your member? Any of his affect pave is pretty good SAS guy seemed. Just like a normal Gada me. I didn't notice anything different about him in terms of demeanor. He didn't strike you one way or the other. It sounds like not at all. So he sold you something just like this. Yes. Having racing where he leaves a couple of days later on the front page of the paper. Right. Yeah. It was kind of Mitchell shock. I mean, I've just blown away all the evidence. The prosecutors have against Mike Dixon, strong, but their primary piece of their case his Dave shepherd. He pleaded guilty for a life sentence with no opportunity for parole at so after the death penalty was taken off the table. That's Dave shepherd testified gets sold drinking buddy, Mike Dixon. It seemed like a slam dunk for prosecutors. They had the man who admitted to killing Dr Jones as a witness. He had a chance to get up. There firm. His story. Point to that guy is person who paid him to kill my dad and ended all but what he ends up doing is an absolute shock prosecutors. And to the family of the victim store witness was about the poor wealth in the prosecution's. Shocking. Testimony today at the capital murder trial for emerald Dr Thomas Dixon, the prosecution's case against very strong. You've got a payoff to alleged hitman got a murder weapon. The circumstantial case here seems to have a lot of elements that would favor the prosecution everything that the prosecution laid on the table was countered by the defense, including shepherds access to the gun. See the defense claim that Shepard stole the going from Mike Dixon's house and Frank sellers. One of the defense attorneys showed me wear t thoughts Shepard stole that going from the came in here. They're picking up to smoke and shepherd opens this drawer here, and it's a gun..

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