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US attorney's office announced the indictment of Columbus. Vice officer Andrew Mitchell yesterday, he's accused of demanding sexual favors from prostitutes that he would arrest. Vice detective Mitchell was picked up at the Columbus. Police headquarters yesterday on charges of solicitation, obstruction of Justice, tampering with witnesses and lying to the FBI anew. Billy sent to be introduced at the state house that aims to protect a young drivers house. Bill one oh, six would lengthen the amount. Time. The teenagers will drive with their permit from six months to twelve months. It would also ensure newly licensed to teens or supervise at wild driving after ten pm rather than midnight. At least for the first six months after they get their license. There are exemptions for work school and religious activities. Amazon is changing a rule that requires aids. Marketplace to have the lowest prices for items sold by third parties, the move reported by axios will allow people to get items cheaper. Elsewhere. The Justice department was asked last year to look at how Amazon's practices could be affecting competition with other websites. Another automotive recall today because of a defective and possibly deadly. Airbag recalling nearly a million older vehicles in the US and Canada because the Takada driver's airbag inflators that were installed during previous recalls could be dangerous. Canadian safety regulators say about eighty four thousand vehicles are involved about ten times that many in the US the two thousand one to twenty ten model years owners will be told to take their vehicles to the dealer to have the inflator replaced. Daria Albinger, ABC news mixed. Martial arts fighter Conor McGregor is out on bond today after he was arrested yesterday and charged with robbery and criminal mischief. Police in Miami Beach, say the former UFC champion grabbed a phone from a man who is trying to take his picture and then stomped on it McGregor wise released from a Miami jail after posting twelve thousand five hundred dollars fine radio six. Ten WTVN sports the blue jackets after being shut out by the islanders last night. Try to find some offense and bounce back tonight. They will host Boston, captain, Nick Felino. We gotta get serious about points and goals in here..

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