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And of course you'd have these loving re-creations of actor portrayals. There's a moment where wendy runs to check on danny. And she says it. In the exact way that shelley duvall said it and she runs in the exact way that shelley duvall ran to the point where it's almost eerie. Your like wh- like they. They put the work in that. That's not a one time thing that happens in this In this movie like that happens like thirty times of like exact facial expressions and shots that are set up precisely like that part of that comes back to one of the earliest stephen king themes we ever talked about which is like things come back around scary stuff the horrors that we can't let go of the shit that we carry you know yeah part that never stopped being one of his themes and it really shows in in this movie and that theme lends itself unfortunately too corny sequels true and i think my my theory is this. I actually think that this movie needed to be corner here. I think that this movie digits go ham enough. I think that it needed to go way into the style of cubic. I think this movie needed to like double down on the extravagant weirdness of it. I think it was two grounded in a way that made it. Not it's neither fish nor fowl right like it's neither eighties. Stephen king deliciously bizarre and campy and weird nor is it contemporary literary king It doesn't it doesn't meet in the on a satisfying way. Sometimes kings later. Were can thread that needle perfectly and i think the novel doctor sweep threads the nevil perfectly but the movie. I think just had too many influences that it needed to get right so it never really got to establish. It's own vibe. That is a great thesis for what we think here I hadn't hadn't told me that particular point yet. And i very much agree. I think that it could have fallen a little harder either way i do want to talk about. I think the most successful part of this movie. Which is dan torrance sitting at the bar at the overlook in this very tense subtle sequence where he speaking to his father. Who is now lloyd. The bartender sequence. If the entire movie had been that good it would have been an instant classic. That might be too much to ask. That's fair it strong sauce. Yeah that sequence. I think could be like taught in encino study classes right just in terms of wonder these characters saying to each other versus one of these characters actually saying to each other. The the subtext is heartbreaking. You know this this kind of conversation around. Oh are you gonna give into the supernatural evil. Whatever is actually a conversation around. Are you going to perpetuate the cycle of abuse. And it's it's just never better than in that moment in that movie it just never comes close..

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