Jay Cutler, Mayfield, NFL discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed - 8/07/17 - Jay Cutler, Colin Kaepernick + LeBron vs. haters


Jay cutler slammed with us sign with the parks you go to the broadcast this what jay cutler said on mayfield skip a little over three months ago he said i don't know if retirement is the right word i don't feel that anyone ever really retired from nfl you're either forced to leave or you lose the desire to do was required to keep going on between those two situations so i'm just trying to figure the jay cutler call all thirty two teams and say if somebody goes down on willing to come out of retirement probably not here's the gaskill he says i don't know if i want to put in was required colin kaepernick means detail people he wants to play quarterback in the national football league i wonder if jay cutler called the miami dolphins there i want to play it then if this narrative about cap said okay well he wants to much money it's amazing how to buy revolvers about two billion dollars for a guy a retired guy not a gather last will pass in january are retired guy you know what about this things give you know well you know where he callan he doesn't want to be a backup he wants to start you pay and jayco timid to be a backup or you bringing them in star definitely to start but here's what's the most egregious part of its gift they love colin kaepernick a guy that last threw a pass in january of 2017 they said they were also interested in tim table the last time tim tibo through a path was december 17th twenty toil.

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