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St Louis dot com station St Louis is news radio. hurricane Dora now a category two storm I'm Carol Daniel cable excuse time three o'clock the news sponsored by American Eagle credit union home town home loan provider. now that it's a category two storm Dorian is headed towards the southeast coast line packing winds of a hundred and ten miles per hour the sound of rain and wind and palm bay Florida meantime this pilot is surveying the damage. from along the coast of Abaco in the northern Bahamas. we have gone. on the water. this residence lost through knee deep water to survey the damage in his neighborhood. again Dorian is now a category two storm as it heads toward the south east coast line meantime Amaran Illinois is stepping up to help we're sending eighty five amor line workers and support personnel from Amazon to Raleigh North Carolina Ryan Arnold with Ammon misery directive dispute distribution on the eighty five Lyman and support staff deployed this morning volunteer that they are willing to participate and go on storm like this and so we do that across the state we pull across the state so each headquarters that we have whether it's from Jefferson city Missouri or Cape Girardeau or Saint Louis would give volunteers and then we take them and group them together and then we start heading towards Raleigh Arnold tells cam works I don't know how long they will be deployed in the hurricane zone but they will stay as long as needed cable X. news time three oh two the United auto workers union threatened to go on strike at General Motors WDBJ reporter Jeff Gilbert with details with ninety six percent of workers voting to authorize a strike the U. A. W.'s says it'll go to GM first the pride hash out issues involving plant closings before turning to forward in fiat Chrysler Kristin.

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