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G. any rates will not increase under a settlement that was approved today by the Oklahoma corporation commission in a filing last December G. any asked for nearly seventy eight million dollar annual rate increase for environmental compliance investments and depreciation on aging a quick minute among other expenses state Attorney General Mike hunter actually recommended that G. any reduce rates by thirty two million dollars corporation commission chairman Todd hi it says the settlement approved today is in the best interest of Oklahoma broken arrow police have released the name of the bicyclist killed yesterday at the intersection of New Orleans St and aster Avenue seventy four year old John Mathis was crossing New Orleans street on his bicycle when he was hit by a pick up truck and allergy alert today from the Oklahoma allergy and asthma clinic it says ragweed pollen is in the very high range they call it an extreme exposure situation and they say that pollen sensitive individuals may experience severe symptoms more seriously allergic people should stay indoors as much as possible after more than a month on the run US marshals have tracked down the Logan county man allegedly stabbed another man during a fight at a bar in Guthrie the victim was stabbed ten times a needed emergency surgery fifty seven year old Jerry hair fled the scene US marshals found him at an apartment complex in Oklahoma City and a big shock for police when they went to a trailer in southwest Oklahoma City after getting a call about possible squatters the trailer was full of dogs that were starving and extremely malnourished inside the trailer dog feces all over the owners of the dogs hunter powers and Skyler Thibodeau were arrested I'm Beth Myers. Bartlesville woman will serve twenty six months in federal prison for stealing almost four hundred thousand dollars from her employer fifty nine year old Gina Prabal was a clerk at trans.

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